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Vacuum – Golden Rod

• History of the hand-pump vacuum featured in the museum

Varnum, George M.

• Varnum family genealogy


• Promissory notes for payments to Durand Auto Co. – Vautrot Bros. for automobiles, 1917, 1921, 1922

• 1913 letter on Vautrot Bros. Hardware and Automobiles letterhead

Veterans – Civil War

• Computer disk and printout with spreadsheet containing names and information about Pepin County Civil War veterans.

• Letter from Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War about the disk

Veterans of Foreign Wars/VFW

• Manuscript for the history of Durand VFW Post #3435

• Letter from physician – Joe S. – and Rev. Arvid Morey who were on the Da Nong Advisory Team of doctors in South Vietnam, 1966.

• Glossed article on the 50th anniversary of VFW Post 3435, 1991.

• List of VFW Post 3435 officers, unknown year.

• By-Laws Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW, 1944.


• Background information on the Victrola

• Victrola Information Submission Form

Vosberg, V.S.

• 1883 property tax receipts from Pepin County