Get Involved

Support Historical Preservation

Community Support helps us achieve our mission of keeping the memory and heritage of our county alive. Through donations, memberships, gift shop purchases, and volunteering we are able to properly maintain our 150+ year old courthouse, preserve our collection, and share the center and its resources with the community for generations to come.

How to Get Involved at PCHC

Monetary Donation

We encourage monetary donations and memberships to help maintain our building and help our organization put together educational programs at the heritage center.

Artifact Donation

Donations of artifacts are welcome but due to limited storage we are only taking items that have history in Pepin County, are in good condition, and are not already in our collection. Artifacts you would like to donate will be considered individually and accepted by our board of directors. Please see our attached policy for more information.


We are a volunteer run organization looking for devoted and passionate volunteers to help us promote and maintain the heritage center.


Membership dues help support programs, special events, and the development and maintenance of the Pepin County Heritage Center.


The PCHC shop includes books by local authors on numerous topics along with keepsake items related to Pepin County and the heritage center.