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• Certificate of Shares of Capital Stock for The Farmers Union Livestock Commission Co. of St. Paul, issued to Clifford Olson, 1945

Farmer’s Institute

• Article about 1933 institute held at the courthouse


• Copy of photo of the Hub Fedie Band with names attached to each member

• Actual photo of the band

Fort St. Antoine

• 1994 survey by Institute for Minnesota Archaeology of Southeast shore of Lake Pepin about suspected French presence

• Correspondence from state historical societies and others

• Copies of primary sources and secondary source reports on the fort

• Copy of 1927 issue of Wisconsin Magazine of History about Stockholm and Lake Pepin

• DOT paperwork for historical marker and interpretive plan for site of forton Hwy. 35

• Archaeological report from the Institute for Minnesota Archaeology, 1995

• Article from Wisconsin Preservation magazine about the Fort St. Antoine project, 1995

• Receipt of payment from Pepin County to State of Wisconsin DOT for $15k

• Wisconsin State Historical Society report on the site

• Note from Wis. State Historical Society to Terry Mesch indicating amateur historian Mark White believes the assumed site of the fort was actually incorrect

• Angry letter from Mark White to Courier-Wedge editor, 1994

• Environmental Certification from DOT for the project

Faith Lutheran Church

• Manuscript of the history of the church through 1983, by Mary Peterse

• News article and photo of stained glass windows donated in 1993

• Prayer written by Vera Slabey for the first service, 1965

• Articles on 25th anniversary celebration, 1989

• Letter to the editor thanking Heike family for paying for stained glass windows

• Flyer for Sunday School Christmas Program


• News articles and photos of 4-H members, 1987 and 1991, 1992, 1999, 2001

• 1960 4-H Leader’s Handbook

• 1950s photo of 4-H members at county fair in Durand

Frankfort – Town of

• “Hotel Shanghi” which was owned by first permanent settler of Frankfort

• “Frankfort Township” history by Rosemary Carlisle

• Statement of Personal Property tax sheets from several residents of Frankfort from 1909

Fraser, Annabel

• 1885 handwritten review of the book Ramona by Fraser

The French Connection

• Copy of “The French Canadian Settlement of Waterville Township, Pepin County, Wisconsin,” by Virginia Easley DeMarce, 1987

Fresh Art Tours

• Brochures from past tours

• Fresh Art applications

• Receipt of sale of art to museum from Imagination Nation

• Card from Imagination Nation thanking museum staff for help

• Photos from Fresh Art 2007 at the museum

• 2007 news article

Fuller, Ira

• Copy of short biography of Fuller, who introduced the first steam thresher to northern Wisconsin and had a grocery and feed business in Pepin

• “A Remarkable Family of Upper Mississippi Rivermen: The Fuller Family of Pepin, WI”

• Letter from E.E. Fuller to Capt.G.B. Merrick, explaining some Fuller family history, 1914

• Copy of 1885 account ledger for Fuller and Griffin at Davis and Rankin creamery


• Funfest bumper sticker, 1964

• 1964 Funfest posters

• Lineup sheets for 1973 parade

• Photos and copies of photos of the Kiddie and Pet Parades

• News articles on Funfest, 1990s-2000s

• Assorted Funfest buttons from over the years