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Jacck, Edmund

• Christmas Card with photo of Jacck, identified as a physician and surgeon from Durand, 1899

Jahnke, Celia

• Copy of photo and information about Jahnke, who was recognized by UW for her service to rural youth in Pepin County, 1944


• Photo of PCHS couple in the old jail

• Brochures for remodeled jail open house, 2000

• Printout of online page about the Pauly Jay Building Co. of St. Louis, which built the cage in the old jail

• Copy of text panel for the old jail

• Various news articles about the new and old jail over the years

• Copy of lease agreement for old jail between PCHS and Weiss

• Copy of duties of sheriff

• Transcript of jail ledger in Uniform Room

• 1994 note from author who fell down jail steps as an infant

• Note and news photo of display on law officers killed in the line of duty

• Handcuff information

• Photos of the jail

• Annual report on the county jail, 1925

• Photo from inside the jail, 1942, when it was headquarters during the flood

• Copy of 1994 letter from Marion Schnag regarding a memory of her falling down the jail steps as a child and knocking out two front teeth

• List of Pepin County sheriffs

• Letter to the Editor from Lyle Dahlgren sharing two stories about the jail


• Article on new Jaycees Chapter created for Durand/Arkansaw, 1992

• Other Jaycees articles

Johnson, Clifton

• Partial copy of Johnson’s book, Highways and Byways of the Mississippi Valley

Johnson, Eula

• Speech about Porcupine

• Johnson’s short histories of Durand and Arkansaw

• Johnson’s copy of “Durand Bridges”

• Copy of news article about Johnson’s award from Cancer Society

• Copy of Johnson’s obituary

• Copies of accession forms for Johnson’s possessions donated to museum

• Copies of photos of Johnson

• Wedding program for Winifred Plummer and Nathaniel Ward

• Souvenir nail from “Caddie’s House”

• Letter to Eula help Eula gave the author in doing genealogy

Johnson, Norman

• Letter to Terry Mesch about possible involvement in PCHS

Johnson, Peter A.

• Copy of his Declaration to become a Citizen certificate, 1885

Judge’s Chambers

• Photos and descriptions of objects in chambers

Jurgens, Lynette

• Letter from Juergens to Vera Slabey with family histories about the Brantners and Dreyesses, 2000

• Copy of obituary for Leona Brantner