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Caddie Woodlawn

• News articles related to PBS presentation of Caddie Woodlawn story and origins of the story in the Red Cedar Valley by Dunnville resident, Caroline Woodhouse. Her granddaughter, Carol Brink, made her grandma’s stories of growing up here into a children’s book

• Maggie Bun of Caddie Woodlawn story by Martha Olin-Johnson

Camp Courage

• News articles about summer camp held at Eau Galle to teach area students about Native American history.

Camp Durand

• Large, landscape photo of the camp.

Cancer Society

• News articles from 1950s and 1960s about American Cancer Society

Carver, Jonathan

• Transcription of indenture of lands along the Chippewa River to the British explorer Jonathan Carver in 1864

• Copy of actual indenture to Carver

• Copy from History of Buffalo and Pepin Counties book about Carver’s explorations

• Dunn County News summary of Carver’s travels


• Haunted Caryville: supposedly haunted locations around town.

Catholic Order of Foresters (Women)

• Ritual of the Women’s Catholic Order of Foresters book

• Program for 40th Anniversary celebration, 1951

• News articles about the organization

Catt/Zimmerman Family

• 1994 letter from Freda Zimmerman to Vera Slabey about the history of the Catt family history around Durand


• Report: Investigation of the Potter’s Field in Durand, Wisconsin

• News articles related to dispute between city of Durand and Town of Durand over ownership of land next to Highway 10 where a potter’s field stood and where two bodies were uncovered during road-building.

• Mention of possibility of Ed Maxwell’s body in potter’s field

• List of tombstones at Howard Cemetery, 1993

• List of Civil War Veterans at Dead Lake Cemetery

• 1990 and 1998 lists of Pepin County cemeteries

• By-laws of Marie Lund Cemetery Association

Chippewa River

• Photo of ice harvesting near Durand

• Copy of plans for guided tour led by Brian and Evan Gabriel’s “Chippewa Bottoms Journey”

• Copy of Our Story, Volume 1 – Chippewa River Reminder of Areas Development

• George Mathes’ “A Canoe Trip Down the Chippewa”

• News articles about historical floods

• 1998 Sesquicentennial calendar about the Chippewa River

Chippewa Valley Arts Council

• Programs for plays in Durand, presented by Durand Community Arts, 1980s/90s

• Program for performance by John West in Durand, 1965

• Program for Ian Shapinsky, pianist, performance, 1983

• Durand Community Arts member cards

• Community Arts matchbook

Chippewa Valley Hospital

• Brief history of Marycrest Hospital by Irma Bauer, 2000

• Postcard of Chippewa Valley Hospital

• 1971 newspaper pullout with hospital staff

• News article photo of Marycrest from 1934

• Groundbreaking ceremony programs for new hospital, 1981

• Hospital newsletters, 1978, 1981, 1989

• List of hospital’s auxiliary supporters

• Letter to community members from hospital president Garry Donesky, Christmas, 1983

• Various news articles related to the hospital

Chippewa Valley Motorcar Assoc.

• Booklet:Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Co.

• News articles about the association’s rail line through the Tiffany Bottoms

• Copies of tax summaries showing that NSP paid the taxes for the railway

Chippewa Valley Museum

• Background sheet on Farm Life exhibit, which features story from Jean Kannel’s family growing up

Christmas Pics

• Photo negative of the courthouse with Christmas lights, 1988

• Christmas card from France with a request for a card in return from the museum, 1990

• Three photos of the courthouse at Christmas, 1987 and 1988

Churches – Baptist

• Manuscript: “History of the First Baptist Church of Durand” by Dan Stanley

Churches – Brethren

• “Chippewa Valley Church of the Brethren, 1903-1982” history

Churches – Catholic

• Family Digest newsletter for St. Henry’s Church of Eau Galle

• St. Mary’s History pamphlet

• Manuscript: history of St. Joseph’s Church, Arkansaw

• Article about Father Molinaro of St. Joseph’s on his 50th anniversary in the priesthood

• Article and photo of demolition of St.Mary’s in 1967

Churches – Congregational

• Manuscript: “History of the Pilgrim Congregational Church”

• Copy of photo of Pilgrim Congregational/Assembly of God church on 1st St, circa early 1900s

• Programs for the Pilgrim Congregational Church’s centennial, 1974

• News photo of renovation of Pilgrim Congregational Church, 1993

• Wellspring Newsletter of national congregational churches, 1890

• Program for 80th anniversary of Pilgrim Congregational

• “Pilgrim’s Progress”- history of the church, 1874-1974

• Background info on baptismal font on display

• “Songs for the Soul” James Sunaker, who was apparently pastor in the 1940s

Churches – Ecumenical Events

• Copy of the educational program for the Pepin County Historical Church Tour, 1998. Includes histories and photos of churches

• Program for “Christ is Born,” an interfaith concert in Durand, 1967, along with news article and photo of the concert

• List of Durand churches, 1910

• Letter of Dismission for John CLifford Olson from the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Little Plum Church of Pepin, WI to the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Los Angeles, 1928

• Flyer for visit of Ralph Bell,associate of Billy Graham, 1994

• Centennial book for Pepin Hill Free Church, 1997

Churches – Lutheran

• History of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church on its centennial, 1988

• Program and news article on Little Plum Lutheran’s 125th anniversary

• Sabyland Lutheran of Stockholm flyer

Churches – Methodist/Episcopal

• Boot gift from Methodist Episcopal Church, 1900

• Methodist Church of Durand Yearbook, 1941/42

• Manuscript: “A Brief History of the Durand Methodist Church,” by Clara Hewitt and Emaline Riester, circa 1983

• Dedication Day program for Eau Galle Methodist Church, 1959

• Programs for A Celebration of Durand, Arkansaw, Eau Galle United Methodist Churches, 1988, 1992

• Booklet for Methodist Episcopal Church, 1902

• List of Arkansaw Methodist Church pastors, 1853-1968

• Methodist Memos newsletter for area Methodist churches, 1992

• “Pioneer History of the Methodist Church at Arkansaw Since its Founding in 1869”

• “History of the Arkansaw Charge,” about the Arkansaw Methodist Episcopal Church

• Program for Durand Methodist Church’s centennial, 1966

• Various news articles on area Methodist churches

Churches – Pepin Hill Free Church

• 1997 centennial church booklet

Churches – St. Mary’s Assumption

• Self location for St. Mary’s church directories and other yearbooks

• “St. Mary’s Assumption Parish” church history

• Church newsletters, 1940

• Copies of old photos of the church

• St. Mary’s project goals, 2003

• Piano recital program for Rosalia Baur, 1916

• St. Mary’s program for “A Prince in Rags,” probably 1946

• 1985 souvenir book

• Various news articles on clergy, etc.

Churches- St. John’s Lutheran

• “St. John’s Lutheran Church, Durand” short history

• News article on the centennial of the church

• Paperwork on loan of framed picture from the Missouri Lutheran Convention, 1916, returned to owner, 1992

Churches – St. John’s, Plum City

• Church directories from 1948 and 2007

• Photos of students at St. John the Baptist School, 1948

• Outline of instruction, 1939

• News article on priest Paul Czerwonka

Churches – Seventh Day Adventist

• Manuscript of history of the church, by Mr. and Mrs. Slagle


• Copies of ads for Miles Orton’s Circus, 1885

• Email exchanges between Bill Hoeser and Jean Accola about old circus signs found at the Riverside Bar & Grill, 2015

• 1993 article about Circus Day in Durand

Civil War

• News article about James Rands, Arkansaw, who served in the 16th Wisconsin Infantry in the Civil War and was listed as MIA at the Battle of Shiloh. A ceremony was held at Round Hill Cemetery, 1993

• “In Memory of James Rands, Civil War MIA, October 30, 1993”

• “Opening of the Mississippi; Two Years’ Campaigning in the Southwest:A Record of the Campaigns,Sieges, Actions and Marches in which the 8th Wisconsin Volunteers Have Participated”

• News article, correspondence and flyer related to 3rd Minnesota Company’s Civil War re-enactment at Old Courthouse in 1999

• Photo of the camp of the 7th Wisconsin at New Jerusalem, Virginia

• Copy of 1910 article listing area Civil War volunteers

• Description of postmaster who was younger brother Miles Durand Prindle, who was a sutler, delivering mail within the battle lines during the Civil War

• Photo and timeline of Charles Wright, who served three enlistments in the Civil War

• Photos and description of PCHS meeting in 2011 dealing with Civil War artifacts

Civilian Conservation Corps

• “CCC Camp Durand” – history of the camp located on the west side of the river

• Copies of photos of work down by CCC around Pepin County for erosion control

• Maps of Wisconsin CCC camps

Clemenceau, Madm.

• News article about Georges Clemenceau and photo of great-grandson, 1941

• News item of Mary Plummer’s marriage to Georges Clemenceau, 1884

• Wisconsin Lore and Legends article about Mary Plummer

• Pioneer Press article about Mary Plummer

• Article about Mary Clemenceau

• Letter from Edward Morsbach to the Slabeys, detailing his meeting with Mary during WWII

• Milwaukee Journal article about Mary

• Synopsis of Mary and Georges’ lives

• Summary of Mary’s life and mention of an upcoming article by a professor from Massachusetts

• Letter from Prof. John Robinson to Durand library for its help in his research on Mary

• Short Wedge articles about Georges and Mary lives in Europe

• “Wife of the Tiger” article after Mary’s death

• 1962 short article and photo of Mary

• Copy of letter written by Mary to Mrs. P.W. Goodrich of Durand, 1917

• Copy of letter that may be from Mary

• Eau Claire Leader article about Mary, 1918

• Short article about a poem about Mary written by Mabel Thurston

• Copy of an email from Sylvie Brodziak to Vern Pionkowski requesting his book about Mary and Vern’s reply

• Leader-Telegram article about Vern’s research on Mary

• “Clemenceau as Professor” manuscript by Mary Walton about her experiences as Georges’ student. Mary Plummer introduced her to Clemenceau.

• “From Backwoods to a Palace” manucript

Colby, Arlyn

• Article about Colby and his book, The Chippewa Valley Line

Coleman, Charles

• “Charley Coleman” excerpt from Pepin Courier, 1880

• Photos of Coleman

• Copy of transcripts of witnesses at hearing for Coleman murders

• “Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial,” which mentions the Colemans

• Frank Smoot’s article, “Blood Brothers”

• Copy of genealogy of Coleman family

• Assorted newspaper and magazine articles about

• Letter from Charles Coleman during the Civil War

• Copies of Durand Lodge no.149 meeting minutes

• Letter from Charles Coleman’s great-great grandson, Kevin Sealy

• “Charles Coleman and His Family,” by Kevin Stealy, 1995

• List of Wisconsin law officer killed in line of duty

• Genealogy of Alice Doughty Coleman, mother of Charles and Milton Coleman

• Letter a niece of Charles’ grand-daughter (original file title seems to indicatethisrelated to donation of Charles’ gun)

• Coleman/Hunt family photo

Coleman, Sarah

• Sister’s account of Charles Coleman’s life

• War story from Charles. Includes list of 10th Infantry members

• “If you are wounded, I will find you…” – personal account by Sarah of the Civil War

• “A Civil War Incident in the Life of Charles Coleman,” by Sarah


• Bear Creek Cooperative Creamery Co. capital stock certificate, belonging to Joseph Turner, 1910

• News article about Rochester Dairy’s awards for local milkmen

• Waterville Co-op Creamery account books

• Copy of article on opening of Cottage Creamery in Durand, 1927

• Carrier’s receipt from Wells Fargo to Pepin Co. Co-op, 1910

• Cenex income and expenditure recordbook

• Pepin Co.Co-op Garment Catalog – 1908/09


• List of Pepin County coroners

Coulson, Lynn

• Articles and memorabilia related to Coulson’s George Washington impersonation at local schools

Coughlin, Eva Marie and George

• Article about local couple who smuggled Bibles into Vietnam, 1995


• Account statement from Courier to Pepin County for voter information ads, 1915

• Letter from Axel Peterson of Stockholm to the Courier-Wedge submitting an advertisement to be published

• Various news articles throughout the 20th century about Courier-Wedge personalities and changes to the paper

Courthouse History

• Various news articles on the history of the courthouse, dating back to late 1800s

• Lease agreements – 1984, 1995, 2004

• Intensive Survey Form completed by the State Historical Society, 1981

• Manuscript of the history of the courthouse by Audrey Hoeser, 1984

• Handwritten timeline of additions changes to the courthouse in the 1800

• 1982 certificate of the courthouse on the National Register

• Typed remarks of Richard Slabey on the Bicentennial Rededication Ceremony, 1987

• “The Significance of Wisconsin’s County Courthouses” by Terry Mesch

• Deed of courthouse land from City of Durand to Pepin County, 1886; 1978; 1983; 1984

• Article on the brief move of the courthouse to Arkansaw

• Copy of history of courthouse by Pepin Cty. Clerk of Courts

• “History of the Old Courthouse Museum” by Zahida Jafferi

• 1988 ad for Lake Wobegon Days at the courthouse

• Photos of museum exhibits

• Letter from Wisconsin State Commissioner of Insurance regarding settlement of losses from 1931 courthouse fire

• Printed history of the courthouse that appears on website

• Brief history of the 1959 annex, by Terry Mesch

• 1984 Courthouse Study Meeting minutes exploring interest of private individuals/businesses in purchasing the courthouse

• Diagram and notes about which officials were housed in courthouse offices

• “From Megaron to the Mississippi: Evolution of the Porch”

• Resolution by County Boardfor $2000 for major repairs of courthouse, 1986

• “Brief History of the Pepin Co. Courthouse” by Terry Mesch

• Exchange newsletter of the State Historical Society, with a profile of the courthouse

• Discover Durand magazine with profile of the courthouse

• Mention of retirement of Guy Miller, “Mr. Courthouse,” 1991

• 1994 courthouse smoking policy

• Petition from the Save the Courthouse Campaign, 1984

• Letter from architect Thomas Blanck to Dick Slabey in support of preservation, 1984

Courthouse Employees

• News articles about judges and courthouse employees over the years

• Laminated job descriptions of courthouse personnel

• Pepin County Official Directories, 1977-1984

Crapser, LaVerne

• Articles and obituary of Crapser’s decades of service to Albany Township on the town board and on the Pepin County Board of Supervisors

• Booklet from Wisconsin Towns’ Association marking Crapser’s 66 years of service to the township of Albany

• 1957 Annual Report from Town of Albany

Cronk, Doris

• “Buttermilk Coulee” – script for play written by Cronk that incorporates places from Pepin County

Curtis, Ralph

• Letter from Curtis sharing memories of his aunt of a story apparently about the Maxwell Brothers and a fire that killed the Wright children

Cub Scouts

• News photo of Pack 54, including, Craig Anderson, DonBlair, Joe Lieffring,Jim Bauer, Bill Duesterbeck, Dave Bauer and Steve Slabey