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St. Benedict’s Hospital

• “St. Benedict’s Community Hospital” short history

• Plaque reading, “Hospital Site Donated by Judge and Mrs. Joseph Riedner”

• News articles on the hospital

Sam, Matt

• Copy of Matt’s senior thesis, Soil and Water Conservation in Pepin County, Wisconsin: A Lasting Legacy of the New Deal


• Marriage certificate for Ole Sande and Lorene Rindstrom, 1948

Scheckel, Phil

• CD copy of Doug Wozniak performing songs about the river, including, “The Ballad of Phil Scheckel”

• Copy of news article, “Life Sketch of Captain Phil Scheckel,” 1910

• Copy of news article interview with Joe Schlumpf, where he recalls Phil Scheckel, including a race his boat lost against “The Good Luck”

• Copies of journal entries by the Rayburn family as they traveled downriver on the Phil Scheckel, 1898

• Copy of Don Rahman’s book on Scheckel

• News bit on Scheckel from 2010 that includes information that he built several steamships

• Various news articles

• Copy of handwritten account of the last log raft of Knapp, Stout & Co. in 1901, which included a stop at Scheckel’s Landing

Schools, Area

• Copy of teacher’s 2nd grade certificate for Bessie Hill, 1902

• Book sleeve for One-Room Rural Country Schools, by Marliss Pittman

• Copy of photo of Duscham School, Town of Albany, 1935

• Copy of photo of Miss Black’s class at Averill School, with pupils’ names

• School register from the 1860s

• List of county school, probably from the 1800s

• Copy of photo of Big Arkansaw School

• Pepin County School Directory, 1936/37

• Names of Winners In Spelling Contests, 1928-1933

• Cover for One-Room Rural Country Schools, by Marliss Eileen Jean Pittman

• Teacher’s Complete Record register, Town of Albany, District 1,various teachers 1897-1901

• Correspondence from Marie Gehring regarding the arrest of her great grandmother at Big Coulee School in 1882 for “willfully and maliciously interrupting, molesting and disturbing a public school while in session.”

• Copy of Courier article about the incident.

• Loan paper for the school districts of Frankfort, Waterville and Maiden Rock, with stamps ranging from 1916 through 1930.

Schulberg, Pete M.D.

• Copy of Schulberg’s obituary

• Copy of bio of Schulberg from

Scott, Arthur J.

• Account of the Fifth Air Force’s 49th Fighter Group and their actions in the Pacific, including Dick Bong.

• Transcript of the manuscript.

Sea Wing Disaster

• Copy of “Unlocking the Mysteries of the Sea Wing”, by Fred Johnson.

• Brief bio of Fred Johnson

• Copy of excerpts of Johnson’s book, The Sea Wing Disaster.

• Columns newsletter previewing Johnson’s talk in Durand, 2014.

Seeburger Collection – Doughty/Cooke Family Genealogy

• Note from Nancy Seeburger providing some information on Henry Doughty and Mabel Knight Dickey.

• Copy of black and white family photo of 50th anniversary for Henry Doughty and Christiana Cooke Doughty and family.

• List of direct descendants of William Hilton.

• Family group sheet for Henry Doughty.

Seldon, Thomas

• “The Life of Thomas Seldon” about the murder of Thomas’ wife, Mary, in 1898.

Seline, Victor/Ceacil

• Funeral pamphlet from Victor’s service, 1973.

• C-W article with photo of Victor after confiscating stolen guns, 1960.

• “True Story About Sheriff Victor Seline,” a 1957 account of a young man arrested by Seline for gasoline theft, who claims Seline hit him in front of the jail.

• Unfinished manuscript about the Selines and the history of the state statute that limited sheriffs to non-consecutive terms.

Senior Citizens – Pepin County

• Informational card on the Pepin County Sentio Council, date unknown.

• News photo of the grand opening of the senior citizens center, 1979.

• One-page history of the Senior Citizens Club., 1973.

Sesquicentennial 2008

• Ad for the sesquicentennial.

• News photos of participants in the celebration.

• Articles from Hidden Treasures on the centennial.

• Assorted promotional materials.

• Sesquicentennial calendar.

• Entries and winners from the sesquicentennial essay contest.

Shaver, U.B.

• Copies of news articles by and about Shaver, a newspaper editor and clerk of board supervisors for the county.


• Shober family tree

• Copies of photos of the Shober family

Schulberg, Pete M.D.

• Copy of obituary.

• Brief history of Schulberg and his career.

• Family tree information.

Silver Sabres

• “The History of the Silver Sabres Drum and Bugle Corps”

• Assorted news articles and photos of the Sabres

• Original photo of the Sabres, 1960.

• 1957 care tag for sabre from N.S. Meyer Inc., NY

• 1963 roster of Sabres

• List of members pictured in 2009 reunion photos.

• Brief historical manuscript on the Sabres.

• Assorted articles on the 2009 reunion of former members.

• Record book

Ski Hill

• Copy of an ad for White Mountain, a downhill ski area several miles south of Durand

• Copy of news article and photos of White Mountain.

• Photo of Lamoine Batson, “First American-born skier to place on the Olympic Ski Team. 1924 and 1928. Born in Eau Claire.”

Slabey, Richard and Vera

• Vera’s obituary, July 2017.

• Photos of Vera and Richard in a church.

• Copy of poem written by Vera for the first service at Faith Lutheran Church in Durand, 1965.

• Energy from our Elders by Vera Slabey

• Nursing Home Candids by Vera

• Vera’s letter of resignation as director of the museum, March, 2004.

• 1985/1986 article on the museum, featuring Richard.

• Copy of news clip on Richard and his Ben Franklin store.

• Copies of several letters to the editor by Richard and Vera.

• Copy of certificate of nomination for “Women of Distinction” award.

• News photo of Richard during his campaign for school board, 1963?

• News photo of Paul and Matthew Slabey, 2003.

• News article and photo of Vera and Richard donating defibrillator to DHS, 2004.

• Photos of Vera and Richard as grand marshals of Funfest.

• Music involvement information from Vera.

Smith, David A.

• Copy of certificate from Bureau of Pensions for Smith, who served in the Civil Wa

• Copy of membership certificate for Grand Army of Republic, 1864.

• Copies several deeds

• Family photo

• Handwritten note from Barbara and Delores Smith on David Smith’s family tree

• Copy of news article about Smith’s life upon his death, 1933.

Smith, Nathan

• Patent for unknown invention.

Springer, Dr. Joseph

• Copy of doctor’s bill, 1962.

• 1992 letter from Springer about the Doughty family. His mother was a Doughty.


• Save Outdoor Sculpture Questionnaire

• Today Is History column on the Civil War statue, 1995.

• Letter to the Editor from Virgil Biederman about playing football on the Courthouse lawn and a friend running into the statue in 1943.


• “Steamboat Days on the Chippewa River,” presumably written by Pat Ulwelling.

• Copies of excerpts from unknown book describing steamboats on the Chippewa.

• News articles related to steamboats on the Chippewa, including the last steamboat to pass through on the river and a replica steamboat built by a Menomonie man.

• Promotional materials for 2001 steamboat extravaganza the Mississippi.

• Copy of 1914 article from the Arlington Sun (South Dakota) newspaper on the construction of the last boat built by Joseph Gazeley, the Phil Scheckel.

• Copies of photos of the Phil Scheckel.

• Copy of photo of the Champion.

• Copies of photo of the Delta Queen steamboat on the Mississippi, 2001.

• CD with “Steamboat” song by Doug Wozniak.

• “Steamboats Part of Chippewa Valley History,” which focuses on Phil Scheckel

• Phil Scheckel Memorial in Pepin with the anchor from his boat

• Copy of news article/photo of Scheckel


• Stockholm Institute historical society newsletters

• News articles and photos on the history and art community of Stockholm

• Brochures and promotional materials for the village

• Stockholm Art Fair posters and materials

• “From Megaron to the Mississippi: Evolution of the Porch” written report

• GOP Primary Election, Sept. 1942 votes tally

• Copy of photo of Stockholm Public School, early 1900s; Stockholm Jail; first store in Stockholm; Anton Peterson’s Furniture-Hardware Store

• Stockholm State Graded School graduation books, 1915

• Copy of poem, “Stockholm”

Stokes Olivier Hotel

• Genealogy report on Stokes family

• Copy of photo of the hotel


• Genealogical information on the Storey family of Pepin County, late 19th/early 20 centuries


• “70th Anniversary of the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940” by Katherine Goodman

• 1940 article on the blizzard

• “Nightmare on the Mississippi: A Written Personal Account by Dale H. Engler, 1963”

Swift, Wm/Ann

• “Fishing with a Pin” and “A Walk in the Woods,” poems and short stories by Ellen and Ann Swift.

• Other poems/short stories by unknown authors.

• “The Bud of Genius” by Emma Britton (Swift?) and Vina Reed.

• “The Holidays in Durand,” a story about Christmas.

• Warranty deed for Edward Swift and Joseph Martin and wife Susan.