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Baier, Catherine

• Background information on the donated mailbox and Singer sewing machine on display

Baker, Cal

• Mounted newspaper article on June 29, 1944 fire at Cal’s Smoke Shop in Durand, a fountain and dining establishment, next to Hougen Pharmacy


• Newspaper articles related to history of the bandshell in Memorial Park


• Cashier’s check from Bank of Durand to First National Bank, Milwaukee, which belonged to Edward Schlumpf

• Leather money pouch from Bank of Durand

• News article on purchase of Durand Associated Bank by Waumandee State Bank, 2007

• 2004 newsletter from Security National Bank.

• 1969 Courier-Wedge article on Security National Bank’s open house.

Battle Island

• Email correspondence between Steve Edge, DNR, and Derek Strohl about a Chippewa River island in Buffalo County upon which the Dakota and killed an entire of Ojibwe for vengeance after the Ojibwe had killed several Dakota at Fort Snelling, where Ojibwe from Lac Courtes Oreilles had obtained supplies and goods. Story is based upon oral history from former CCC member and DNR warden.

Bauer Built

• Magazine article about Jerry Bauer – Wisconsin West, Feb. 2006

• Copies of the Bauer Built Bugle, which chronicled the history of Bauer Built from its opening in 1944 through 1994. Published weekly by Bauer Built over the course of 1994, its 50th anniversary

• Folder with news articles, historical manuscript, informational flyer, 1990s business plans, correspondences related to 50th anniversary of Bauer Built and founder Sam Bauer.

• 1997 business profile

Bauer, Charles F.

• U.S. Treasury Award to Bauer for exceptional sales of U.S. Savings Bonds as assistant cashier of Security National Bank in Durand.

• Courier-Wedge article about Bauer’s achievement

Bauer, Michael

• Copy of photo of Frances, John Ray, Thomas Frederick, Paul, Frederick, Edward Charles, George William, Anna, Agnes Ann, Leonard Bauer. Also Laura Bauer Weisenbeck

• CD with photos of the Bauer, Oleon, Hetrick, Oberding and Moser families of Pepin and Pierce Counties

• CD with photos of Frederick and Anna Bauer family, circa 1918

Bauer, Fern – Meter Maid, Durand

• Annotated timeline written by Mike Bauer about Fern, who was Durand’s “meter maid” from 1959-1974.

• CD with documents/articles

• Durand police patch belonging to Fern

• Several copies of news articles about Fern, including photos

Bauer, John and Joseph Bauer – Real Estate Documents

• Warranty/land deeds to Pepin County properties, late 1800s/early 1900s

Baur, Esther

• Handwritten and typed notes about life of DHS graduate, class of 1923, whose drawings are featured in Artist Alley. She also owned a restaurant in Durand.

Bear Creek Valley

• Typed copy of Byron Dale’s history of Bear Valley. Includes a couple pictures of Bear Valley baseball team

Beck, Henry E.

• Copies of mechanical tractor drawings by Beck, a mechanical engineer born in Durand

• Brief biography of Beck

• News article about Beck, 2006

Beef Slough

• Excerpt from 1888 History Buffalo County about this branch of the Chippewa Riverdown which millions of feet of lumber were sent in the late 1800s.

• Copy of text from Beef Slough Historical Marker

• Copy of article about conflict between Beef Slough Co. and Mississippi Logging Co. over Beef Slough Company’s building of piers on the Chippewa River below Round Hill

• Copy of map of Beef Slough

• Email correspondence about closing of Beef Slough

• Excerpt from memoir by Jefferson Davis’ wife about his time at Fort Crawford, who was reputedly the first lumberman in Wisconsin in the late 1820s.

• Photos of Beef Slough from WHS

Bennett, Mrs. J.S.

• Copies of Bennett’s poem, “Prindle’s Little Inn”

Berends, Rene

• Correspondence from Berends, a Dutch education professor, who conducted research on Helen Parkhurst for a biography about her

• Photos of a Dalton School (Parkhurst-based) in the Netherlands

Bicentennial Notes

• Copy of Durand’s notes for USA’s bicentennial celebration in Durand, 1976. Traces the history of important people and landmarks of Durand

• Bicentennial clippings from different decades

Biesterveld, Audrey

• County Market article about Audrey’s business, Audrey’s Barber Shop, and her books: The Missy Sippy River Saloon and Only in Eau Galle

Bike Trail

• News articles about the building and completion of extension of Chippewa River Trail to Durand, 2007

Biles, Everett

• Leather bank book from Bank of Durand belonging to Alfred Biles

• News article and photo of Everett Biles on the day of his last patrol as state trooper, 1987

• Obituary for Everett Biles, 2010

• Commercial letter to customers from W.H. Biles, owner of People’s Store in Durand, 1915

Bignell, Pearl

• CD with documents and photos of Pearl (1916-1957), resident of Durand

• Pedigree chart of Bignell, Place and Hill families

Black School

• Handwritten and typed histories of Big Arkansaw Valley/Black School in Town of Waterville, where Helen Parkhurst first taught

• Copy of program listing Parkhurst and her students at Black School, 1906

• Correspondences related to attempt to save the crumbling school in the early 2000s

• Photos of Black School in early 2000s

• News articles with photos of saving, placement and dedication of bell tower from Black School at Arkansaw Public School

• News pullout about Black School preservation effort by Arkansaw Middle School students

• Dead Lake Prairie School teacher and student list, 1906

Black Cave

• Drawing and photos of 121 foot cave located on Kannel property, Town of Waterville

• Letter from area spelunking group to Jean Kannel about their exploration of the cave

Boehm’s Store

• Payment receipt, December, 1914.


• Bills of lading from F.H. Boehrer & Son Co. of Durand, 1915 & 1916

• News articles on return of Lt. Frank Boehrer from WWII

• Photo of Rev. Steve Boehrer blessing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boehrer, for first time

Bogus Creek/Cave/Bluff

• Wisconsin Magazine of History article Bogus Cave, which reputedly contained gold in its depths. Located on the border between Pepin and Stockholm Townships

• Archaeological survey of mound/creek area

Bogus Creek School

• Photos of school, students, teachers at Town of Stockholm school – early 20th century

• Copy of biography of Bogus Creek teacher, Gladys Pederson

• Pepin County map with school indicated


• Boehm Hardware stationery/statement of account

• Photo of Dorothy Boehm, 1919?

Bolt, Midge

• Memorabilia related to the Time and Again art piece of the Durand train depot, 2008


• Funeral service program for Fannie Bowman, 1944

• Daughters of the American Revolution letter of acceptance to Dorothy Bowman, 1928

• 1991 news article on robin becoming state bird (Dorothy Bowman’s robin photo featured at OCM), under direction of Durand teacher Mrs. Walter Bowman

• Bowman & McMahon Well Drillers ledger book

• Calendar of events book of Durand Travel Club, 1915-1916

• Photo of Belle Barber Bowman

• Copies of photos of Bowman & McMahon’s advertising signs and windmill mounted on automobile, along with photo of breaking ground for planting Christmas tree at the “Old School” in Durand, 1928

• Bowman & McMahon postcard

Boy Scouts

• Training certificate belonging to Richard Slabey, 1962

• Training certificate belonging to Conkle, 1917

• Our Jubilee Souvenir Guidebook, 1910-1960, Celebrating Scouting’s Golden Anniversary in the Chippewa Council

• Early 20th century photos of local Boy Scouts

• News articles spanning 1940s-2000s about area Boy Scouts


• Letter from Ruth Hofland with some background on her uncle, Francis Bradshaw, who donated picture frame in domestic room at OCM.

• Donation letter and identification of people in photos in Bradshaw’s picture frame

• News article on Warren Bradshaw

• Photo of Warren Bradshaw

• Transcript of Warren Bradshaw letter, 1864, from Camp Petersburg to be directed to 37th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers

• Copy of photo of Warren Bradshaw in uniform

• Photo of Warren Bradshaw’s Civil War veterans group, including William Cassell, Phinney Welch, Edgar Burnet and William Robinson, who claimed to have been a slave of Robert E. Lee

• News articles about William Robinson, former slave who served alongside Bradshaw in the 37th Regiment

Branch, Charles

• Photo of Branch, Durand mail carrier RFD #2, at turn of 20th century

• Typed and handwritten contents of Branch’s scrapbook

• Copies of Branch’s scrapbook memories

Brandt, Rose

• Letter from Brandt (former teacher?) to “Class of Naughty Niners” (1909?)

Brantner, Bernie

• Articles, photos related to Brantner, self-taught woodworker who built barn on display at OCM

Brenner Farm

• Short history of Andrew and Adeline Brenner’s farm, along Highway 10

• Manuscript, “The Brick Keeper’s Round House,” written in 1984 by Lorraine Brenner, about a brick building built along Highway 10 after a fire destroyed 34 buildings in downtown Durand, 1881. The plan was to build all brick buildings on River Street in Durand.


• Token for Durand Bridge

• Copy of photo of pontoon bridge at Read’s Landing

• Brief historical synopsis of pontoon bridge

• Brochure: “A Proposal By the Durand Improvement Group to Save the ‘Old’ Chippewa River Bridge”

• 1980s/1990s/2000s news articles on Durand’s bridges

• Copies of photos of the 1902, 1906, 1910, 1914 bridges

• Handwritten notes on Pepin and Buffalo County bridges

• 2006 bridge ceremony programs

• 3-17-1999 Chippewa River Bridge Replacement meeting minutes

• Alternate cost comparison sheet for bridge replacement sheet, 2000

• Maps of bridge replacement options

• Summary of Durand’s bridges over time: “Historical Crossings of the Chippewa River at Durand, Wisconsin”

• Photo slides of 2007 bridge

• Copy of photo of Charles Caturia crossing the Durand Bridge on a horse, circa 1920s

• State DOT Highway 10 project map

Brink, Carol Ryrie

• Brief biography of Brink, children’s book author, who wrote the Caddie Woodlawn books, which were based on her grandmother’s frontier stories from Pepin County, Wisconsi

• Photos of Brink in Pepin County and at Woodlawn County Park

Britton, Roger

• Copy of Britton for Sheriff flyer

• News article on retirement of Roger’s wife, Georgene, in 2009

Broberg, Lars/Margaret – Century Farm

• Brief history of Century Farm, near Rock Falls

• Flyer for 2002 PCHS picnic at Century Farm

Brooks, Mrs. Franceena

• History of Franceena Johnson, who married George Brooks of the Town of Waterville in Big Coulee. George’s father, Joseph, immigrated to Waterville from England around 1800. She was a member of the Arkansaw Methodist Church

• Plat map of Arkansaw with Brooks property

• Sheet crediting Franceena for writing early history of Arkansaw

• Copy of several pages from Franceena’s manuscript about Arkansaw history

• A few photocopies of Arkansaw businesses and owners

• CD – George Brooks Family Legacy


• Receipts, letters from Brostrom family of Town of Stockholm

• Photo of unknown family member

Brown, Harry

• Manuscript about Brown, a Durand entertainer, who had a tent show throughout the Chippewa Valley during the first half of the 20th century

Brue, Mary Ellen

• Memoir papers by Brue, including two stories of Durand High School teachers in the 1950s: “She Was More Than a Teacher,” about Ms. Clara Hewitt, and “First My Teacher – Now My Friends,” about Mrs. Wingert.

• “If Only They Could Talk,” about a quilt Brue found that belonged to her Grandma Walters

• Family-owned catalog – Larkin Family Magazine – from 1908

• Baker’s Edition Of Plays – “Getting Acquainted with Madge” magazine, possibly 1911.


• Seed collection copy: “Wisconsin Seed Series 1-4”

• Funeral program for Anton Brunner

• Notebook belonging to Matt Brunner, containing property sketches

• Note from Matt Brunner, Clerk of the Town of Lima, about his application for liquor license for Charles Forster’s Old Log Cabin Nite Club

Bryant, Dr. Richard J.

• News articles related to Bryant’s retirement as coroner in 1988, his graduation from medical school, his death in 2000, memorial at Chippewa Valley Hospital

• Bookmarks – “Doctor Bryant’s Award,” which commemorated Bryant’s acceptance of the “Fifty Year Club” award for his service in the medical profession

• Photo of Bryant

• Inventory of Bryant exhibit

Buffalo County

• News article: “History of Buffalo County Fair”

• News article: “Alma to host National Film Premiere,” about the BBC commissioned film, “The Last River Rat”

• News article about the history of Maxville

• Back Roads Tour Books – 1985, 1986

• Judge Schlosstein’s emergence as county historian after retirement as judge

• Photo of Nelson Public School

• “A Buffalo County Saga” by James Stokes

Burial Sites

• Geographical profiles and data on Pepin County cemeteries

• Letter from WHS to Eugene Baier about Bradshaw Mounds burial sites in Town of Waubeek, advising him of legal implications of disturbing these sites

Businesses – Durand

• News articles, calendars, flyers from/about Durand businesses circa 1800s to present

• Business list from Durand, 1878

• Customer list – Brenner’s Clothing Store

• Menu for the Sandwich Bar and The Smoke Shop

• Coin from Schumpf’s Tavern

• Fast Eddie’s Cafe & Bar matchbooks

• Newell & Brown Hardware memo book

Business Surveys

• 1994, 1998, 1999 profiles and histories of downtown Durand businesses

• History of Ben Franklin store timeline


• Copy of family picture of the Gerhard and Wilhelmina (Lange) Leifeld family, ancestors of the Butzler family