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Gabor, Frank & family

• Durand native who bought a former stagecoach stop in Oregon, which had a memorial which mentions Gabor

Gibson, Wilbur

• Short, chronological biography of Gibson, who was Pepin County Superintendent of Schools, 1933-1961

• Perfect Attendance Certificates with Gibson’s name printed on each


• 1887 newspaper dispatches from Durand resident John Gilmore’s logging camp, outside Glidden.

Girl Scouts

• Letter from Emaline Riester to Vera Slabey, explaining some history of the local Girl Scouts from her time as leader in the 1950s and 60s

• Sign-up sheet for girl Scout camp at Tarrant Park, 1970, where Vera provided music

• Award from Indian Waters Girl Scout Council to Vera, 1995

• News articles on local Girl Scouts

Gleason, Charles H.

• Copy of photo of Gleason and his wife

• Handwritten note that indicates Gleason preferred to be called “Harry”

• Copy of article mentioning that Gleason’s father, John Gleason, was injured in a fall

• Card from Ramona Schneider thanking museum for copy of picture of Gleason, who was her great-grandfather

• Handwritten Gleason painting info from Terry

• Copy of email from woman in Oregon who purchased a Gleason painting, 2013

• Article mention of John and C.H. finishing the interior of the Congregational Church, Spring Valley

• Mention of John and his wife living at Coopville, WA

• Mention of Gleason painting of a lion at the fairgrounds

• Letter from person from Montana who bought a Gleason watercolor painting

• Article on Theilman Opera House, where a Gleason painting was located

• Correspondence about the painting at the opera house

• Copies of photos of painting at the opera house

• Copy of Gleason’s first photo, taken at age 11, 1885

• Copy of WW1 draft card for Gleason

• Obituary for Donald Gleason, grandson of Gleason

• Obituary for Gleason’s son, Edward Hovey Gleason, 1925

• Photos of former Gleason home in Durand

• Phone contact in Washington

• Background info on Gleason paintings at the museum,written by Pat Ulwelling

• Short biography of Gleason

• Email from Mt. Vernon, WA librarian indicating no further records on Gleason

• Note indicating Pat Wilcox from Washington who paid of Gleason’s funeral

• Contact info for people from California

• Copy of 1915 Wedge article mentioning that Gleason painted scenery on the Durand theater stage

• Exhibit text panel

• Photos of Gleason paintings at the museum

• Contact info from Chippewa Falls resident

• Copy of class play flyer – play directed by Gleason

• Copy of photo of Gleason and wife Fannie

• Copy of Wedge article mentioning Gleason as director of Durand Merrymakers

Goodhue County Historical Society

• Correspondence from Goodhue to PCHS about accepting photo collection

• Copy of completed donor form

Goodrich Lumber and Coal

• Farmer’s Almanacs from 1962 with Goodrich’s name on the front

• B.F. Goodrich Almanac from 1942

Goodrich, Donald

• Letter from Don Goodrich sharing memories of growing up in Durand, 1981

• Copy of family photos

• Photo of Lucy Goodrich

• Wedge article about death of R.W. Goodrich, 1940

• Wedge article about Robert Goodrich escaping death on Chippewa, 1947

Goodrich, Evelyn

• Various post cards sent by Goodrich from her Prairie Farm home

Goss, Marjorie

• Online biography of Goss, who took on the stage name “Christine Larson” as a Hollywood actress who was apparently a mistress of Ronald Reagan

• Glamour photo of Goss

• 1951 Milwaukee Sentinel article about Goss/Larson

• Online article about Goss’s aunt, who was a Bohemian author

• Article about Goss upon her death, 1973

• Encyclopedia entry with Goss’s film appearances

• Letter from film encyclopedia author asking for more info, with return letter from Vera

• Greeting card designed by Goss after retirement from acting

• Census info on Goss

• Miscellaneous online articles on Goss

• Copy of excerpt from Kitty Kelley’s bio of Ronald Reagan that mentions that Reagan proposed to Goss in 1951. Goss kept the diamond watch but refused the proposal (nice). She also writes that Reagan continued to see Goss for a year after marrying Nancy.

Gov. Thompson

• Schedule for Thompson’s appearance for motorcycle tour of Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial

• Memorial brochure

• Courier-Wedge mentions of the appearance

• News photo of Thompson at the courthouse

Grand Army of the Republic (GAR)

• 1924 GAR Convention Proceedings

• Copy of 1958 obituary of Mary Stewart of Durand, who was a former state president of GAR

Grand Excursion

• Brochure for 2004 Grand Excursion at Pepin

• Various news articles

Grandview School

• News articles on the closing and sale of the school in Rock Falls, 1993-1994

Grant, Helen Prindle

• Copy of obituary of Prindle

Griffin, David Henry

• Article about Griffin, who was a dispatcher for power companies, including NSP

• Copy of photo of Griffin and other NSP dispatchers

• Obituary

• Photo of daughter and son-in-law’s wedding with wedding synopsis.Groom was “smallest soldier in U.S. Army.”

• Baby photo of daughter Marjorie

• Photo of David and wife, 1929

• Letter from Griffin’s daughter, Vera Eby, 1990

• 1919 photo of daughters Marjorie and Vera

• Background info on satchelin museum owned by Griffin, who worked at the rail depot for several years

Grippen, Edward Arthur

• News photo of Grippen in 1956 Durand Centennial Parade

• Small sign that states donation by Grippen to Durand Women’s Club

Grippen, Lee

• 2015 article about Grippen’s former foreign exchange students who paid for him to visit Norway and reunite with former students


• Bound family history

Gurley, E.W.

• Letter from Michael Newcomb that indicates that William Newcomb was a co-editor of The Pepin Independent with Gurley