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Radle (Galen)

• Photo of Galen and Bernadine Radle as grand marshals of Funfest, 2013

• News article on closing of Arkansaw school, with picture and quotes from Galen

• Golden anniversary flyer for Galen and Bernadine

• Courier clips on the Radle family

• Radle family genealogy report


• Copy of Courier letter to the editor from H.A. Knapp, superintendent of the Round Hill & Arkansaw Railway, 1880

• Membership cards of L.F. Knutson to The Order of Railroad Telegraphers from 1949-1954

• Letters from Arlyn Colby about his book on the Chippewa Valley Line

• Letters from Joe Fisher about the pontoon bridge at Reads Landing

• Leader Telegram article on the depot, 2003

• Inventory of railroad objects in the museum

• Copy of agreement between Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway and Coles Circus

• Copy of receipt from Wells Fargo & Co. Express, 1909

• Text pieces for Railroad Room

• News article on local priest, Joe Follmar, also a railroad historian

• News articles on regional train derailments

• Courier snippet on the closing of the railroad agency service at Durand, 1977

• Generic black and white photos of a railroad

Rayburn, John and Ethel

• News article on awarding of Papal Cross to Ethel, 1944

• Biography of John Rayburn, Jr.

• WWII salvage drive records

• Letter detailing the death of John Rayburn III in 1997 from his sister

• Remarks by Glorieux Rayburn Dougherty after John III’s death

• Program from John III’s funeral

• Biography of Ethel Rayburn

• Letter from Kathy Rayburn about family history and objects in the museum


• Photos of Terry Mesch

• News articles and magazine articles on Pepin County and national recycling programs

• Governor’s recognition of Terry for county’s reduction in waste

Red Cedar

• “Red Cedar Book History – Draft”

• Copy of photo of Red Cedar depot

• Red Cedar School District school listing brochure, 1911

Red Cross

• 1944 article on Durand Red Cross with photo

• Original photo from the news article

• “Senior Life Saving Class Hours” sheet

Republican Party – Wisconsin

• 1972 Third Congressional District pamphlet

• 1976 State Convention pamphlet

Revoir, Philr

• Correspondence related to photos taken by turn-of-the-century photographer Phil Revoir, from Red Wing, whose photos included some of Maiden Rock


• “Log Cabin Dollhouse,” about the model dollhouse in the museum

Richardson, Charles

• Photo of Charles and siblings in Pepin County, 1857/58

• Short bios of Charles

• Copies of photos of younger and older Charles

• “Interesting Paper at Old Settlers Reunion” with account by Mary Richardson of her life and life with Charles

• Letters home from the Civil War to family

• Article on Charles when he was the oldest living veteran in the county

• Copy of Charles’ re-enlistment, 1864

• Copy of certificate of service

• Discharge certificate

• Copy of photo of a 16th regiment reunion

• Copy of photo of Richardson while in the service

• Richardson family genealogy report


• Copy of obituary for Wilfred Holden

• Holden family tree

Richardson, Rex – CCC Camp

• Photos of Camp Durand


• Autograph album from the 1880s

• Photo of William Ridgway

Riedner, Judge Joseph

• Profile of Riedner’s career

Rinholen, Roger H.

• Notice of the end of his position as section worker for the Milwaukee Road

River Rat (Ken Salwey)

• Leader Telegram article on Salwey’s film: “The Last River Rat”

Robin – State Bird

• Courier article on the framed photo at the museum

Robinson, William

• News articles on black Civil War veteran from Old Abe Camp #8

• Copy of photo of Robinson with other Civil War veterans

• Program for graveside memorial service for Robinson, 2004

Rock Falls

• News clippings on the Rock Mill and old general store in Rock Falls

Round Hill

• “History of Round Hill”

• “Historic Timeline of the Roundhill Site”

• Reminiscences of Mary Weiss about growing up near Round Hill, 2002

• Copy of an online topographic map

• Copy of paperwork for the purchase of Round Hill by the Diocese of La Crosse

• Transcriptions of message from Fred Weyerhauser and also one about Phil Scheckel

• Reminiscences and history of Round Hill by Richard Slabey, 2002

• Pat Ullwelling’s short history of Round Hill

• Transcription from photos of Round Hill

• Copies from History of Pepin County about Nicholas Bowman

• Brochures for Camp Angelus at Round Hill and for Round Hill Mass & Dedication, 2002

• Various news articles on Round Hill

Russell, John M.

• Articles and promotional materials associated with Russell, a Dunn County amateur historian and arts patron

Ryan Family

• Photo of the Ryan home, 1990

• Copy of land deed to Patrick Ryan, 1857

• Copies of tax roll and abstract of title, 1857

• Copies of portraits of Ryan family members, correspondence, obituaries

• Life history of Patrick Ryan Sr., 1902-2001

Ryan, Harry

• Ryan’s composition book from 1909