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Paranormal – UFOs, Ghosts, Pepie

• Copy of chapter from “Haunted Wisconsin” about ghost story involving Durand residents the Weidner family.

• Copy of short account of sighting of UFO over Elmwood by police officer, 1976.

• Copy of witness statement about UFO over Mondovi, 1966.

• First-hand accounts of Elmwood residents who described a UFO over Elmwood, 1977.

• Copy of internet page on “Pepie,” the alleged lake monster in Lake Pepin. Includes copy of Wedge article with supposed photo of Pepie.

• Small account of a ghost sighting in Mondovi.

• One-sentence claim of a ghost on Arkansaw Creek.

Parker, Thomas

• Copy of 1962 article about Parker, who was Pepin County Agent for twenty years.

• Short, handwritten genealogy of Parker.

• Copy of letter from Parker to community members about 1948 Dairy Exposition.

Parker, Sheriff W.A.

• Copies of article, circa 1930, about Parker and his deputy, C.V. Hewitt, being locked up by furniture store owner Sam Shapiro in his downtown Durand store. Parker had demanded keys to the store in response to a judgment executed in court against Shapiro by a refrigeration company out of Chicago. Shapiro had invited the officers to leave at the end of the day, but they refused, so Shapiro locked them in for the night.

Parkhurst, Helen

• Box Location on Shelf

Parkinson, Thomas

• Correspondence from person in England researching her ancestry and inquiring about 1800s Pepin County resident, Thomas Parkinson.

• Photocopies of short family histories from Pepin County.

Passenger Manifests

• Apparent lists of passengers on ships from Bremen, Germany to New York in the 1870s and 1880s who eventually settled in Pepin County.


• Pattison family scrapbook with school and graduation memorabilia for Mary Pattison and John Pattison.

• 1908 Univ. of Minnesota School of Law commencement book for Edward Pattison.

• Certificate of Appreciation from Franklin Roosevelt to Edward Pattison in 1952 for service in helping administer the Selective Service Act.

• Article on former WRDN deejay Tom Pattison.

Paulson, Ingwald

• 1989 and 1993 news articles on Paulson about his pump organ playing. His organ is displayed in the Uniform Room.

• List of PCHS audio interview tapes, including interview with Paulson.

• Transcription of oral interview with Paulson.

Peck, Martha

• News articles on Peck, a former professional musician and musical tutor in Durand who lived until age 111, dying in 1994.

• Photos of Peck.

• Letter from Vera Slabey to Peck regarding the Natl. Fed. of Music Clubs and the lack of pianos for non-music majors at universities.

• Note from George Barber, whose daughter received piano lessons from Peck in the 1950s.

• Copies of Today is History columns about Peck.

• Copy of article about Peck’s Distinguished Service and Community Service awards, 1983.

• Short note from Peck’s daughter.

• Funeral pamphlet, 1994.

• Inventory of Peck’s items donated to museum.

• Donor agreement.

Pepin Co. Agricultural Society

• Copy of page from History of Buffalo and Pepin Counties book with highlighted section about the society, 1919.

• Copy of 1892 court case involving the society and the horserace track at Durand.

Pepin County Board of Supervisors – Proceedings

• Ben Clark’s notes from Board minutes from 1858-1872 and 1920-1959.

• Booklets of Board proceedings, 1932, 1940, 1942, 1944.

• Copies of newspaper articles with Board minutes, 1870s and 1880s.

Pepin County Clerks

• Envelopes with “John Gilmore” County Clerk – Pepin County printed on the front.

• Re-election campaign flyer for Martin Pittman, 1972.

• Photo of Pittman.

• Photo of Jim Bresina., County Clerk, 1974

• List of County Clerks.

• Laminated sheet about the history of the county clerk office in Wisconsin.

• Envelopes with “John Gillmore” on front.

Pepin County Clerk of Circuit Court

• Copy of photo of Judge Schlosstein swearing in Rosemary Carlisle as Clerk of Courts, 1980.

• Copy of article about W.C. Thompson retiring as Clerk of Courts in 1961.

• Article on Carlisle’s retirement in 2006.

• List of Pepin County Clerks of Courts.

• Copy of 1887 certification of judgment book by William Plummer.

• List of job duties of clerk of courts.

Pepin County Coroners

• A list of past coroners

Pepin Co. Council of Defense

• Lists of officials helping with WWI cause, by city and township

• Correspondence from Treasury Dept. to war effort committees in Pepin County.

Pepin Co. Fair

• Photos and newspaper articles about the fair

• List of premiums for the 1914 fair.

• Manuscript: “Pepin County Fair History”

• Sheets for the Pepin County Fair, 1916, letterhead with various names, along with blank sheets with the letterhead of the fair.

• Fair winner ribbons, 1916

Pepin County Farm Management

• Copy of 1947 Courier-Wedge articles on the farm management classes in Durand.

• Copy of 1947 letter from Committee of Organization sent out apparently to attendees about electing officers, adopting a constitution, etc.

• Copies of Recognition Dinner programs for 1961 and 1973.

Pepin County Govt.

• Assorted news articles about county officials.

• Assorted photos of county officials.

• Campaign materials for Pepin County officials.

• 1937 and 1964 bar calendar.

• Pepin County Govt. Center program, 1984.

• Letter from Betty Plummer regarding new land information system, 1991.

• Pepin Cty. Constitutional Bicentennial program, 1987.

• Wisconsin Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

• List of some Pepin County employees

• “Marge in Charge” As District Chairman hat.

• Copy of list of county superintendents of schools, 1880-1962

• Copy of list of Pepin County Surveyers, 1880-1950

Pepin County – General History

• “A History of Pepin County” manuscript

• “An Overview of the County”

• “A Brief History of Pepin County Wisconsin” – famous people and places

• List of books dealing with Pepin County history and Chippewa Valley history

• Copy of chapter on Pepin County from “History of Northern Wisconsin”

• Terry’s manuscript about history of Pepin County

• Copies of State Senate and Assembly Journals from 1858, when Pepin County was created

• Copy of “History of Dunn County,” the county from which Pepin County was split

• Copy of “Historical Sketchbook for the Durand Centennial, 1856-1956”

• Copy of chapters dealing with Pepin County from “Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley Wisconsin”

• Pepin County history at UW-Madison libraries – selected bibliography

• “Pepin County Boundaries, 1858 to Date”

• Excerpt from “Our Society, Our County,” which is about Dunn County and includes information on the creation of Pepin County

• Handwritten notes by Terry on Pepin County history

• Pepin County map

• Pepin County Points of Interest brochures

• 1978 Pepin County visitors brochure

• Certification to accompany flag flown over courthouse from US Congress for the Pepin County Centennial

• CD: “History of Pepin County Photos” by Don Rahman

• Pepin County Hist. Society Timeline

Pepin County Judges

• 1961 article about Ryan Laue, new Pepin County judge

• 1961 article on Riedner as new DA

• Copy of 1989 article on Judge Schlosstein. Contains memories of the courthouse, including a defense attorney’s pants falling down in court

• Earl McMahon for County Judge flyer

• Obituary for Judge Coffin

• Copy of 1989 article on John Bartholomew, former judge for Pepin County

• Judge Bartholomew Circuit Judge campaign emery board

• List of Pepin County judges

• Various articles on Pepin County judges

• 1962 letter from Lambert Hansen offering stenotype machine to Judge Riedner

• 1974 retirement card for Riedner

• State resolution recognizing Riedner at his retirement

Pepin County Nutrition Program

• “History of Pepin County Nutrition Program”

• 2002 booklet – “Wisconsin Celebrates Fellowship, Fun, Food” with short story on Pepin County resident Gertrude Boigenzahn.

Pepin County Register of Deeds

• Photo of Emma Langlois

• Photo of Norman Latshaw

• List of 19th century registers of deeds

• Small article on celebration for former register of deeds Pearl Coburn, 1987

• List of past registers of deeds

• Short history of the register of deeds position

• Campaign card for Norman Latshaw

Pepin County Sesquicentennial – 2008

• Sesquicentennial calendars

• News articles on sesquicentennial

Pepin County Treasurers

• List of past treasurers

• Short description of the position

Pepin Herald 1953 Newspapers

• May 7 and May 21 editions, found in courthouse basement in 1987

Pepin – Village of

• Promotional brochures for visitors

• Postcard for the Laura Ingalls cabin

• “A Pathway Through Pepin’s History”

• 1892 Pepin HS commencement announcement

• “The First 100 Years at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1889-1989”

• Laura Ingalls Wilder Society newsletters from 1986-1988

• History shorts about Pepin

• Photos of Pepin fish pond

• News articles about old Pepin theater

Pepin the Short

• Copy of online article about Pepin the Short

• Copy of book chapter on Pepin the Short

• Copy of drawing of the crowning of Pepin the Short

Peterson, A.F.

• Arrest warrants and case notes from Pepin County Sheriff from the 1870s/1880s

Pfeiffer, Thelma

• Thelma Pfeiffer Register in Probate/Court Reporter sign

• Metal Thank You plate for service 1945-1986

• Two newspaper photos of Pfeiffer

• Certificate of Merit from State of Wisconsin, 1984

• Citation by State Assembly, 1986

Pinkowski, Vern

• Articles on Vern’s research projects on Pepin County history.

Place, Eli

• Copy of Place’s poem about Porcupine

• News bit on Eli Place and her poem

Plum City

• “Pioneer Days in Plum City” by Franklin Tomlinson

• News articles with historic photos of Plum City

• St. John the Baptist school newsletter, 2005

• Church newsletter, 1939

• News article on the closing of St. John the Baptist School, 2006

• Program for pipe organ rededication at St. John the Baptist, 2000

Plumer, Nathaniel

• “Plumer’s Mill Notes” by Arlyn Colby

• Printed online biography of Sophia Clarice Newton who married Nathaniel Plummer Ward

Plummer, Forrest

• Transcribed 1894 letter from Samuel Forrest Plummer to his father, Samuel Lane Plummer, judge for Dunn and Pepin Counties in the 19th century

• Short biographies of S.L. Plummer and S.F. Plummer

• Family photos

• U.S. Citizen’s Temporary ID card for S.L. Plummer, 1920, permitting cross and recross of the U.S./Mexican border at Brownsville

• Postcard from William Plummer II son of William E. Plummer, former Pepin County Sheriff

• Wallet and ID cards for S.L. Plummer

• Photo of Elijah and Lydia Brown

• Obituary for Elijah Brown

• Description of plumes from the attic of Winifred Plummer Ward

• Copy of Plummer Family reunion attendee list, 1899

• Manuscript of “The Plummer Family of England and America”

• Article on Mary Plummer

• Copies of postcards from S.F. Plummer

• Pepin County Agricultural Society Annual Membership Ticket for S.F. Plummer, 1878

• Letter to S.L. Plummer when he served in State Assembly

• Merit cards for S.F. Plummer

Plummer, George

• 1970 letter from Plummer to Hwy. Safety Coordinator Dean Van Gorden about the first Safety Commision meeting in January of that year.

• Short news article on Plummer’s retirement, 1987.

Plummer, William

• 1989 letter from Bill Plummer with his reminiscences of growing up in Pepin County, along with his birth record

• Copy of photo of Bill Plummer, John Kins and Jack Sankey

• 1993 letter with more recollections from Bill

• Copy of The Columns from 1993 with these recollections

• Copy of a photo of Bill

Poeschel, Vincent and Josepha

• Genealogy report for the two, who came to the U.S. in 1883 and lived in Durand and then the Town of Lima.


• Poem by Vera and Dick Slabey to Val and Audrey Hoeser for 50th anniversary, 1997

• “Three Bad Signs”

• “Are You Impressed,” by Elvera Fautsch Slabey, 1965 for first service at Faith Lutheran Church

• “A Victim of the Candidates” by Eden Rexford

• “Mothers” by Vera Vradenburg Kees

• Articles on local poets

• “The Flour Sack” by Carol Forster, 1989

• “I Am” by Curtis Weis

• Certificate for “Are You Impressed” being chosen to be eligible for Poet of the Year medallion, 2003

Point No Point

• Excerpt from Mark Twain’s “Old Times on the Mississippi” with mention of part of the Chippewa River in Pepin County mentioned in the book

Politico Article

• 2017 article on the partisan divide in Pepin County, including quotes from Terry Mesch

• Contact information for author Michael Kruse

Post Office/Mail

• Copy of photo of old post office

• List of P.O. boxes from old post office

• Old envelope

• Newspaper photos of old postal service employees in Durand, Pepin

• Newspaper list of zip codes, 1967

Potter’s Field

• 1990 article on Ed Maxwell’s body being buried in the field


• Profile of Kieran’s Family Tree and Porcupine by Bob Bignell

• “Reminiscences of Porcupine Valley,” by Howard King

• “Stories About Porcupine”

• Newspaper photo of Porcupine

• “How Porcupine Got Its Name” by Eli Bignell

• Porcupine poem

• News photo of Porcupine school

• 1987 news article about the history of Porcupine businesses and people, with much information coming from Ida and Glenn Myers

Prehistoric Info

• Exhibit materials

Prindle, Miles Durand

• Courier news bits from the 1800s discussing Prindle, including mention of the lawsuit between the village and Prindle over the land where the courthouse sits after the courthouse moved from Durand to Arkansaw, 1883

• Brief information on the lawsuit and its resolution

• Courier article on the time Prindle locked out the DA from the courthouse in 1883

• Richard Slabey’s 1987 comments on the lockout

• “My Family in Durand Wisconsin” by Helen Prindle Grant

• Courier article on the burning death of Ada Prindle (also contains an Elizabeth Clarke Hardy poem on the same page)

• Photos of Ada and Miles Prindle

• Various correspondence from Prindle

• Transcriptions of the Prindle letters

• “Prindle Story” by Eloise Turner

• Blank Northwestern Mutual Agent’s Statement sheet

Prindle Inn

• Prindle Inn history

• Short Courier article on clock from the Prindle Inn

• Poem: “Prindles Little Inn” by Mrs. J.S. Bennett

• News photo of the Prindle Inn

• Student project on the architecture of the Prindle Inn