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Tappe, Rosetta

• Various news articles on a Durand Walkathon competitor from the 1930s.

Tarrant, Shirley (Karen)

• Letter from Karen Tarrant offering glass negative photos to the museum, 1993.

• Response from Vera Slabey about meeting with Mary Plummer Clemenceau, 1993

• Inventory of Tarrant’s glass negatives.

Tarrant, Judge Warren D.

• Memorial address pamphlet for Tarrant’s funeral, 1912.

Tarrant Park

• News article and photo of Tarrant Park from the 1920s

• Copy of news article on Tarrant Park Tavern


• Copy of news article on completion of telegraph line, 1882


• 1944 article on Clara Brenner, on her 40th anniversary of being the phone operator.

• 1930 Durand/Arkansaw/Eau Galle/Nelson/Lund phone directory

• News photo of operator Ethel De Marce, 1959

• Phone directories from 1939,1945, 1963


• News articles on “Ghost of Vaudeville” play at the Durand Theater, 1993

• Programs for “Ghost of Vaudeville”

• Program for play in Pepin at Hovde Theater

• Programs for plays at Durand High

• Copy of ad for “Charley’s Aunt” at the Durand Opera House, 1895

Thompson, Fred S.

• Autograph book, 1886


• Several correspondences to and from Pepin County District Attorney William Thurston about various civil and criminal cases, 1940, 1945-46.

• News article on Thurston’s death in a car accident, 1963

Tiffany Bottoms Wildlife Area

• Maps of the bottoms

• Background report on the bottoms

• Tiffany Bottoms Book History – Draft


• “The History of Tyrone” from a Durand student

• 1985 news column on the founding of Tyrone by Hamilton Hubbard in 1858

• Offer to Purchase document from the DOT in anticipation of purchase of properties in the Towns of Lima and Durand, 1985

• News articles on Xcel Energy plans to place coal power plant on property that included Tyrone, 2005

Trash Timeline

• Recycling Timeline

• Printout of PowerPoint “Garbology 101”