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A Look Back in Time – articles from Durand Courier-Wedge

• Photo of Nelson B. King Sr., a WWI soldier at Camp Shelby, Mississippi

• 1907 photo of Ella

• Circus Day photo from the early 20th century

• Photo of Pepin Cty. Co-op in Porcupine

• Photo of downtown genealogy, 1960s

• Ella store photo, 1905

• Pepin Cty. horse-drawn road grader, 1929 photo

• Group seining photo at Lake Pepin

• Ella area sawmill photo, circa 1900

• Photos of Knight School, in Waterville Township, 1918-1921

• Early photo of village of Eau Galle

• Photo of Nelson train collision, 1913

• Photo of aftermath of 1914 storm in Durand

• Photo of Dorwin’s Mill tunnel 1913

• Photo of threshing at Arnold Heck farm w/ Gustav Rickter, George Horn, Leigh Hagness, Orlin Heck

• Photo of Durand Brewery, 1910

• Late 1900s photo of downtown Durand, including: Semple House, pop factory, John Deere shop, Neusberger Welding Shop.

• Photo of Eau Galle “Lover’s Lane”

• Photo of Nelson’s Upper Department of Public School (high school), late 1800s

• Photo of Dorwin’s Mill

• Photo of reception for characters “Buster Brown” and “Tige” in front of Fox’s store in downtown Durand

• Photo of St. John’s Baptist School, Plum City elementary students, 1948

• Photo of 1912 Durand girl’s basketball team

• Photo of People’s Store, Durand, 1909

• Photo of 1922 class of Union Free HS in Arkansaw

• Photo of St. John’s Baptist Catholic School, class of 1948

• Photo of Eau Galle falls, 1910

• Story and photos of Pfeiffer Elevator, Durand, after a fire in 1920

• Photo of old Durand Post Office

• Photo of Arkansaw Furniture Factory

• Photo of Hewitt Plumbing after a flood

• Photo of Arkansaw Original Poll Tax Days

• Photo of 28 rattlesnakes caught in Pepin area

• Photo of Gilmore’s IGA from 1956, including employees

• Photos of old Durand High and Grade Schools

• Photo of Village Inn, 1947

• Photo of Durand Catholic Church

• Story and photo of Durand HS Class of 1910

• Photo of Clara’s Cafe, 1956, with Clara Bresina, Donna Bauer, Pat Riley

• Story and photos of Arlyn Crosby’s railroad DVD, 2010

• Photo of auction at Plum City, 1907

• 1906 photo of Arkansaw Methodist Church

• Photo of Durand’s wooden sidewalks torn apart by flood

• Modena Mill Dam, 1907

• Photo of Arkansaw fire of 1931

• Photo of Catura’s Hotel, Arkansaw, turn of 20th century


• Photo with caption regarding 1997 accident involving Amish buggy and car

• Articles related to DUI homicide committed by DHS student Chad Traun, who killed Shon Richardson, 1997

Adler, Pete

• Former DHS teacher/coach who wrote a master’s thesis about the Chippewa River and was the focus of the 2004 Grand Excursion up the river.


• Tri-City Dairy Credit/debit sheets for Matt Brunner Sr.’s account, 1948

• June Dairy Month insert from Courier-Wedge, probably 1990s.

• Certificates of stock from Pepin Co. Agricultural Society to Richard Walters, 1925

• Various articles on the Baumgartner, Brion, Tomlinson, Hayden, Milliren, Weiss, Alfred Bauer families

• Irrigation drawings

• Article on Sec. of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson’s visit to Durand in 1956.

• Notebook belonging to Marcel van Hoeser: Corn-Hog Supervisor, Albany Township

• 2009 article about improved outlook for farming in Pepin County

• 1965 article on Lone Pine Tavern land between Durand and Mondovi

• Labels from the old tool room exhibit

• 2006 June Dairy Month pullout with photos supplied from Bernard Brantner and Jean Kannel

Albany Township

• Historical manuscript about the township, written by Irene Weiss in 1985.

Alkire, Isaiah & Louisa

• Photos and text about Durand-area farmer in the 1800s who conducted geological and archaeological digs on his property in Lima Township. He also assembled one of the largest wonder cabinets (curios) in the state.

American Legion Post #181

• Aerial Membership Round-Up 1937 pin

• 1938 Early Bird pin

• Legion coin commemorating the 20th anniversary of the armistice in 1938

• Legion program for 1959-60

• Article and photo on Mark Chilson, post Vice Commander, 2007

• Photo of Leigh Hagness, Brady Bautch, Lyle Smith, Pat Rhiel, Jim McMahon on Armed Forces Day, 2006

• Legion scrapbook, covering first meeting on April 21, 1926 – 2006.

• Pictures of Galen Radle giving certificates of appreciation to Pat Milliren and Gene Kirchner, 1993

• Certificate of appreciation from #181 to PCHS

• Legion newsletter, 1994

• Photos of #181 officers in 1994 and 1998

• List of charter members and story of Robert Morsbach

• Article on Art Herbison of #181, elected to state Legion office in 1999

• Legion membership cards of James Plummer from the 1930s

• Historical manuscript about #181, written Pat Ulwelling

Anibas, Roberta

• Articles about Roberta, the 1963 Homecoming Queen for Arkansaw High

• Homecoming Queen pin

Anthony, Susan B.

• Copies of news articles about Anthony’s visit to Durand, February, 1878

• “Women Want Bread, Not the Ballot” – copy of speech Anthony delivered

Architectural Survey

• Descriptions of various Pepin County homes/businesses


• Historical manuscript about village of Arkansaw through 1983, written by Pat Ullwelling, Rosamond Murry, Gertrude Baier and Nancy Richardson

• Historical manuscript about the history of the Arkansaw School System by Pat Ullwelling, Rosamond Murry, Gertrude Baier and Nancy Richardson

• Articles from the Courier-Wedge on the history of Arkansaw

• Historical manuscript about the history of the Arkansaw Methodist Church by Evelyn Dunbar

• Plat maps of Arkansaw and Waterville Township. Unknown date

• Pictures of Arkansaw from the Eagle Review, Nelson, 1978

• Partial news article with photos of Early Arkansaw Band, main street 1931 after a fire, the 1881-1886 courthouse, Waterville Co-op Creamery

• Photos of St. Joe’s Church and the parish house

• Copy of news bit on the Barber family of Frankfort township near Dead Lake

• 1870 plat map of Arkansaw

• Copies of photos of Lizzie Grey,early switchboard operator, Clyde Dunbar, postmaster, and Herman Schultz, postal deliverer with his car

• Articles about grandson of Arkansaw founder Willard Holbrook on his 1983 visit to Arkansaw

• Program for concert by Arkansaw Brass Band, Dec. 26, 1898 at Red Hall

• Copy of program from Independence Ball, July 3, 1874 at Arkansaw City Hall

• Short article on “Risen Christ” statue donated to French Cemetery

• Articles on Arkansaw Creek Park Days and parades

• Articles on new bridges

• 1942 Courier-Wedge article on Arkansaw history

Arkansaw Businesses

• News articles on the Arkansaw Hotel, a restaurant and other businesses, mostly from the 1990s

• Arkansaw Creamery files

• 1945 news article about historical Arkansaw businesses: “Industries Which Made Arkansaw a Busy Place Sixty Years Ago”

Arkansaw High School/Arkansaw Schools

• Letter from State Superintendent Spooner to Mr. E.H. Rounds of Arkansaw School DIstrict, 1906, about inspection in which the boy’s urinal needed to be replaced

• News articles about school consolidation with Durand

• Article about the purchase of the Arkansaw school building

• Arksnsaw School History, 1856-1992 (three copies)

• Arkansaw School Reunion, Years 1921-1965

• Dedication program for Arkansaw Elementary, 1964

Arkansaw Old Settlers

• Flyers and articles related to organization formed by “westsiders” in 1898 to preserve history of Arkansaw.

Armistice Day Blizzard

• First-hand account of Dale Engler from 1963 of surviving the storm of Nov.11, 1940, while out hunting along sloughs of the Buffalo and Mississippi Rivers.


• Flyers and articles from Fresh Art competitions held at the museum

• Articles, flyers about Jean Accola, Accola Gallery and her husband, Yata Peinovich

• 1967 letter about the creation of the Community Arts Club and a meeting at the Slabeys


• Automobile Tour Book Through the 1920s, Chippewa Valley

• Antique automobile calendar, 1974