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National News

• Assorted news articles

Native Americans

• CD of Bob Bell’s 2013 presentation

• Historical info about the Dakota

• Wisc. Lore and Legends: “Indian Names of Counties of Wisconsin”

• Transcription of Jonathan Carver’s treaty with Naudoissie Indians

• 1999 calendar with Indian art

• Cross Currents: The Intersection of Native and European American Cultures in Southwest Wisconsin brochure

• Map of Indian villages and U.S. forts

• Old letter about Indian music

• Letter to Bureau of Indian Affairs to State Board of Health about a conference in Hayward, 1925

Native American Exhibit

• Works cited for text

• Copy of map for archeological dig

Nelson (WI)

• Various articles about Nelson

Nelson Telephone Co.

• 1956 application to Public Service Commission of Wisc. to construct new facilities

Newcomb, Charles

• Copy of photo of family of Charles Milton Newcomb, circa 1909

• Obituary for Rev. George Newcomb and Charles Newcomb

• Tombstones for George and Ellen, Charles Newcomb

Newcomb,William Boyd

• Copy of 1864 letter from E.W. Gurley to Newcomb about Tom Robinson’s death. All served in Civil War

• Correspondence during Civil War between E.W. Gurley and Tom Robinson, presented by Newcomb

• Bio of Newcomb from Dunn County History

• Treasurer’s Office check signed by Newcomb, County Treasurer

• Copies of photos of Newcomb

Newspapers (locals)

• Copies of 1933 Eau Claire Leader articles mentioning Durand

• Certification for publisher of Durand Times, 1865

Newton, Dennis

• Promo sheet for local photographer out of Pepin

Nursing Service – Pepin County

• History of ambulance service in Durand

• News articles about Sharon Prissel, former county health director