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Halvorson (Gibson)

• Vera Gibson’s 1923 Kafka with commencement program

• Article clip about Class of 1923 reunion

• Picture of Vera as a baby

• Photo of Vera as a teenager with Grace Muir

• Photo of Vera after marriage – Vera Halvorson

• Slips for golden anniversary of Art and Vera Halvorson


• Letter from John Hallwas announcing the publishing of Dime Novel Desperadoes, 2008

• Letter from Hallwas to Terry inquiring about the courthouse layout and city layout, 2006

• Further correspondence about facts of the case, 2007

• Letter from publisher requesting permission to use PCHS images in book, 2011

• Copy of article on Terry’s screenplay

Hammond, Ansel

• Copies of articles about Durand resident’s accidental death in Bear Creek Bottoms while hunting, 1899

• Copy of court address by “O.W. Hilliard.” Mentions “suicide”

• report

• Leader article on Hammond’s death

Hammond, Harold

• Transcribed records of proceedings of Justice of the Peace Hammond and burglary cases against the Maxwells.

• Copy of letter from Hammond and photo of “gypsies” in Durand, including one in jail

• Letter and copy of ledger from Durand Drug Store, 1872/73

• 1986 letter from Hammond accompanying items he donated to the museum

• Notes from Hammond, 1988-1991, reminiscing about Durand

• Composition book with Hammond’s memories of different Durand figures and businesses

• “Boyhood in Durand” manuscript

• Guide for postcard collection

• Photo of Harold and Vera Hammond, 1983

• Note from Vera Hammond indicating that Harold’s grandfather, A.A. Hammond, was justice of the peace at the time of the Maxwell lynching

• Copy of page from book showing the Hammond Farm, 1900

• Postcard with sawmill by mill lake, close to family farm

• Copy of photo of Harold with an accordion

• Old photos of Masonic Lodge Camp at Red Cedar, the “shooting lodge” and the Hammond home in Durand

Hardy, Elizabeth Clarke

• CD with many of Clarke’s poems

• Plans for Hardy exhibit

• Copy of Joseph Hardy’s obituary in the Wedge

• Copies of other Wedge article on Elizabeth

• Copies of editorial by Hardy from the Wisconsin Agriculturist

• Copy of Hardy’s speech, “The Farm and the People In It”

• Copy of obituary from Wedge for Elizabeth

• 1880 farm census, including Joseph’s land

• Article about Vern Pinkowski’s book about Hardy

• Copies of photos of Elizabeth

• Copy of poem: “Slander” – 1922

• Copy of poem: “August Days” – 1906

• Copy of poem: “Charge of the 32nd” – 1919

• Copy of poem: “Just Smile and Then Forget” – 1920

• Copy of poem: “Sellin the Farm” – 1908

• Copy of poem: “In Memoriam” – 1913

• Article: “Simple Rules for Perennial Shrubs” 1913

• Article: “The Simple Life” 1905

• Mention of Wisconsin Agriculturist featuring Hardy on cover after her death in 1931

• Letter to editor of EC Leader in 1912 from Hardy about the quality of care at Sacred Heart Hospital

• Ad for the sale of Sunnybrook Place by Hardy, 1914

Harding, J.W.

• Letter from Henry Beck explaining that Harding, his great-grandfather, lived in Durand on the Prindle tract, but also apparently owned land where the town of Chippewa was attempted to built at the mouth of Bear Creek, but it flooded and was abandoned in 1855

Harmon 1925 Quilt

• Handwritten list of names on the quilt

Harmon, Fred and John T.

• News photos and captions of Fred topping trees

• News article and photo of John T. at a fundraiser for the Eau Galle Sportsmen’s Club. His father founded the club in 1950

Harper, Alice

• Short manuscript of Alice’s memories. Alice was born in Red Cedar and lived with her family at Sunnybrook Farm

• Copy of photos of family members and Sunnybrook Farm, 1951. Sunnybrook had been owned by Joseph and Elizabeth Hardy

Helbig, Frederick

• Memorial certificate for Helbig’s Army service

• Copies of photos of Helbig in WWI uniforms

• Army/Navy Diary

Helbig, Herman

• Courier-Wedge photo of Herman in the pep band

• Note stating that Heman served in WWI

• News clip that mentions that Herman was a cigar-maker in Durand for 50 years

• Piece of box containing leaf tobacco mailed to H.M. Helbig

• Helbig’s obituary

Heller, Dorothy

• Award booklet, certifying punctual attendance, presumably at church, 1925-1931

Hennepin, Louis

• Copy of 1698 map on display

• Announcement of Hennepin lecture at DHS

• Copy of excerpts from Hennepin’s book about his explorations in the region

• Minneapolis Tribune article on Hennepin’s journey

Henning, Rozan

• Photos of Henning’s painting of the courthouse

• Article on Henning and the painting

Heritage Theater

• Brochures for 1998 Heritage Theater

• Script for play about history of Durand

• Script for Sesquicentennial presentation

• Photos of actors

• Postal Service questionnaire for Pepin County facts

• Press release about Sesquicentennial celebration in Pepin County

• Sesquicentennial information from Wisc. Council for Local History

• Letter from Wisc. Counties Assoc. Requesting representatives from each county for Sesquicentennial planning

• List of Sesquicentennial representatives from each county

• Info on the Church Tour planned in Pepin County for the Sesquicentennial

• Pepin County promotional images/materials

• State of Wisconsin Sesquicentennial brochure

Highway Commissioner

• Pepin Cty. Highway Dept. list of gasoline and diesel fuel delivery customers and costs

• List of past Highway Committee staff

Hilliard, Caleb

• Original copy of court address by Hilliard about the death of his friend, Ansel Hammond

• Copy of photo and short biography of Hilliard, a lawyer in Durand

Historical Marker

• Copy of plans for courthouse marker

• Application for sign permit

Hoeser, Fred

• Article on Hoeser and his knowledge of the railroads that passed through Durand

Hoeser, Steve

• Photo negatives of Steve, 1976

• Articles about Steve’s attendance at a space rocket roll-out

Hoeser, V.B.

• Hartford Fire Insurance Co. card for agent Val Hoeser

• Article on Hoeser after his death, 2003

• Copy of photo of Val at the pharmacy

• Copy of article on Hoeser family’s pharmacy business, 2001

• Deer camp photo

• Durand Drug Co. blank ledgers

• Copy of The Pilgrim, Congregational Church newsletter, donated by Val

• Copy of 1889 school census,donated by Val

• Copy of news photo of Val’s grandfather’s home in Durand, 1870s

Hoeser, Wm.

• Article on Bill’s diorama of the museum

• Plan for “Mural Extravaganza” in Durand led by Hoeser

• Flyer for “The Circus Comes to Town: an 8 by 16 foot mural”

• Photo of mural

• 1986 news photo of Bill with museum sign, 1986

• News photo of Bill with artwork in high school, 1960s and autograph of Gov. Knowles

• Notes on Rural America project to bring more economic development to Durand

• Photo and information on the diorama Bill built of the courthouse


• Copy of certificate of naturalization for Conrad Hofacker, 1887

• News column written by Hannah Hofacker about the international situation in 1905

• News article about 100th birthday of Margaret Hofacker, 2007

• Aloysius (Louie) Hofacker Genealogy


• Copies of photos of Lucius Holbrook, who a note in the file indicates accepted the German surrender at the Battle of the Bulge

• Copy of Wikipedia page on Lucius Holbrook

• “Excerpts from Autobiographical Notes of Willard Ames Holbrook, Major General U.S. Army.” Begun in August, 1918 and never completed

• Copies of maps and notes on where Gen. Willard Holbrook served in WWII

• Information on Holbrook from book on Arkansaw history

• Articles on Holbrook and the Holbrook family

• Autograph book

• Poster for Willard’s younger brother, Lucius Holbrook,born in Arkansaw

• Poster for Willard

• Poster with photo of Lucius with Gen.Pershing and AEF receiving Legion of Honor medals

• Copy of Wikipedia page on Willard Holbrook

• Copy of pages on Willard


• “Reminiscences by Grandma Richardson Holden” manuscript, who worked at Willard Holbrook’s sawmill at Arkansaw at one point

• Commendation from UW-Extension to Floyd Holden for contributions to Yesteryear contest

• Obituary for Willfred Holdren and John Holden

Hoton Wakopa Village

• Proposal for the Hoton Wakopa Village National Monument by James Stokes and Terry Mesch

• Lower Sioux Community brochure

• Maps of the proposed area

• Copy of resolution by Lower Sioux Community in support of the proposal, 1994

• 1994 Leader-Telegram article on the proposal

• Resolution by Pepin County Board against the proposal, 1994

• Timeline of events for the proposal

• Sketch of possible emblem for the area

• Letter from Ed Newcomb of Menomonie to Terry Mesch about what to do after failure to convince Pepin County residents to support condemnation of private lands

• Letter from Mississippi River Parkway Commission to ask Terry and Jim Stokes to make a presentation at their meeting

• Letter from Terry to County Board apologizing for creating anxiety in county residents with proposal, 1994

• Letter from Jim Stokes to Pepin County residents inviting them to meeting at the reservation

• Statement of Support from Pepin County Economic Development Corp.

• Project overview by Terry and Jim

• News article on the proposal

Howland, Harold

• Autographed Kafka yearbook from DHS, 1920

Howland, Lyman

• Autographed Kafka yearbook from DHS, 1923

Hubbard, Glen

• Short articles on Hubbard, U.S. Air Forces pilot during WWII who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross

Humane Society

• 1995 Human Society newsletter

• News articles on the opening of the shelter in 1985, along with of the articles

Humphrey, Arnie

• Pepin County Human Services Golden Age News, Jan. 2017 issue with poem by Arnie for Terry Mesch

Hunt, Earl

• Letter from Earl to Vera Slabey explaining some information about what happened to Charles Coleman’s family after his death

• “Hunt Family History” by Edith Hunt Harris

Huntington, W.H.

• 1916 articles about Huntington upon his death

• profile of Huntington

• Copy of Huntington’s signature

• Copies of excerpts from history books that include biographical sketches of Huntington


• Article about Perry Hurlburt, who was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division in WWII

Hutter, Edward

• Funeral book for Edward Forrest Hutter, 1943

• Funeral memory book for Edward M. Hutter, 1974 with small photo

• DHS letters

• Tombstones for Powers family members, St. Mary’s in Durand

• Postcard to Ed Hutter with picture of canning factory in Dorchester, WI