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O’Brien, John

• Text panel about local artist

Oberding, Flora (1893-1986)

• CD entitled “Flora Oberding Photos 1893-1986, AKA Grant Bisnell”

• Family trees

Odd Fellows

• Membership dues certificate book, 1920s

• News article with photo of Odd Fellows, 1928

Olson, John Clifford

• CD entitled “Clifford Olson, 1903-1982, & Ancestors”

• Short bio of Olson

• Copy of picture of Theodore and family

Olson, Mamie

• Letter from Olson to family in Christmas 2000 with some memories of this area

Olson, Mary

• Letters to and from Olson, who is addressed as “Superintendent,” about teacher’s institutes and training of teachers in Pepin County

• Commencement program from Ripon College, 1901

• Wisconsin Teachers’ Reading Circle membership card for Olson, 1892

Omnibus Classes – St. Mary’s School

• Photos from 1988 classes

• Mike Brenner’s drawings of the courthouse

• Letters from students to Vera thanking her for hosting the classes

Onaway Plat

• Original plat map of the village at Round Hill

• Copy of a plat map

• Copy of certificate of the plat map for Onaway, 1857

Oncken, George

• Assorted news articles on Oncken’s accomplishments as Pepin Co. ag agent

• Numerous photos of Oncken with colleagues, 1960s-1970s

• Several certificates and awards for distinguished service

• Oncken’s resume, 1970s

• Letter of resignation as ag agent, 1987

• Copy of letter from state Agri-Business leader in regards to Pepin County’s plan, 1979

• Copy of Cooperative Extension agreement between UW and Pepin County, 1968

• Office of Price Administration stamp books

• Proposal For the Promotion of George L. Oncken to Professor

Optimist Club – Durand

• News articles about the club

OES-Order of the Eastern Star

• Postcard with members’ names

• Membership lists, 1992


• Copy of meeting notes, Catholic Knights, 1891

• “History of Durand-Pepin Lodge 1864-1987”

• Membership lists for Masonic Lodge, 1993

• Pepin Cty. Snowmobile Club free admittance card to dance

• News clip on the Royal Neighbors and the Forget-Me-Not Camp and Adeline Warren


• What appears to be medical notes, possibly veterinary

• Certificate of stock for The Pepin County Agr. Society, 1905

• Ledger book

• Card reading, “Mertie B. Manor From a Well Wisher”