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At the Pepin County Heritage Center, we are working hard to preserve the heritage of the surrounding area. By keeping the memory alive of the smallest county in the state we are able to share stories that have been hidden and untold. Explore the exhibits at PCHC to learn more. 


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These exhibits offer a fascinating look into the rich history and culture of the county, showcasing the importance the courthouse, the reality of incarceration, the pioneer educator Helen Parkhurst and the story of two outlaw brothers who met their demise in Durand, WI.


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Learn about history and culture through displays, multimedia, educational programs, tours, lectures, and special presentations. Discover the local community and its history or appreciate art and culture from around the world.


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Discover the local community and its history or appreciate art and culture from around the world. Browse writings and documents of Pepin County history and heritage by local authors and collections of people, places, and events that were influential to our county.

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Visit the PCHC to learn about the area’s unique artifacts and stories. Explore cultural, social, and political events, and leave with a greater appreciation for your hometown. And by going, you help keep the past alive for future generations.

News & Blog

Why a Heritage Center?

Our mission here at the Pepin County Heritage Center is to connect you with our heritage by collecting, sharing, and saving the stories and historical resources of Pepin County.

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Educational Use

There are many educational opportunities at the Pepin County Heritage Center for school groups of all ages.  Three educational events we hosted in 2023 for area schools was Law Day for 5th grade students, Civil War Day for 7th and 8th grade students, and a Mock Trial for 12th Grade students.

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New Name & Brand

We are happy to announce that we have completed a major rebranding of our historic courthouse building.  The rebranding was prompted by wanting to use the courthouse in Downtown Durand as more than a museum and confusion over different name variations.

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