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Lake Pepin

• Copy of a short history of Lake Pepin

• Copy of old photo of Lake Pepin

• Lake Pepin brochures

• 1990 NY Times article on Lake Pepin

• “Picturesque America or The Land We Live In” with history of the Upper Mississippi


• A Quiet Triumph – by Margaret Langlois Miller, about her mother, who became Pepin County Register of Deeds

• Catholic Digest from 1984 with Miller’s story

Latane, Catherine (Kitty)

• Laura Ingalls Days Commemorative Cookie Cutters book by Latane

Latter Day Saints

• “Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” – manuscript about history of Porcupine and then Arkansaw church

• News articles from the 1990s about the church

Lattre Map

• Book about the first French Map of America

Laura Ingalls Wilder

• Brochures, newsletters and news articles about the museum in Pepin

• Application to state’s Heritage Tourism Program for “Laura, Legends, Ladies & Lumber”

• Map of Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway

Law Day

• Photos of Law Day, 2008

• Letters from Seifert & Schultz of Durand about 2002, 2004 and 2011 Law Days

• Simulation handouts for students

• Law Day agendas, 1998 and 2003

• News articles about Law Days


• Copy of 1907 article on original library

• “Durand Free Library” manuscript

• News articles on old and new library

• 1999 letter from WHS informing Goethel, Seifert & Schultz that they had been issued award for preservation of the original library

• Letter from British professor about his impending visit to see the old library, 1987

• Copy of professor’s article

• 1994 letter from Durand School Superintendent about the building of new library, 1994

• Copy of plans for new library

• Letter from Library Building Study Committee to mayor requesting his presence at meeting, 1994

• Finding List for free library, 1898

• Letter to Richard Slabey from Goethel & Seifert about their impending move to the old Carnegie Library and their desire to work with PCHS on its preservation, 1996


• Two photos of family members…Liddy family?

Lieffring, Geo.

• CD of Lieffring Trio – recording made 1973 at Wilbur Gibson’s home

• Photo of the trio, 1975

• Other photos

Lima Church & School

• CD – “Richly Blessed: Holy Rosary Parish – Lima, 1886-1986”

• “Holy Rosary Parish, Lima” manuscript

• Souvenir book – Holy Rosary Parish, 1946

• Article: “Holy Rosary: The last 25 years”

• Photo of parish wedding

• Holy Rosary Parish, 1993 book

• Photo of church, 1886

• Congregation list of members, 1913

• Church parish book, 1986

• Commencement invitation for Sacred Heart School, 1933

• Class of 1949 photo from news article

• Class of 1952 reunion, 2002

Lima Township

• “Lima Township” historical manuscript

Lions Club

• “The Duand Lions Club” historical manuscript

• 1992, 1993 meeting notices

• Letter from Lions Club members, 1993

• Durand Lions Club Intl. 35th Anniversary brochure

• Program for “Rumble by the River” pro wrestling match at DHS, 1999

• News articles about Lions Club

Little Plum School

• “Echoes of the Past” about the history of the school, 1989

• Service invoice for work done on the school, 2016

• Little Plum School House Preservation history

• “Little Plum History 1868-1954”

• News article on history of the school

• Copy of photo of Little Plum School

Little Plum Lutheran

• Letter from Virgil Biederman to Vera Slabey about history of the church

• Preservation Committee card

• 65th anniversary brochure (1938)

• Copy of photos of congregation in 1938, with list of members


• Louis Livingston’s certificates of stock for Rochester Dairy Co-op, 1940s

• Letter from co-op informing Livingston of dividend, 1952


• Photo of lumbermen along the Chippewa River near Tiffany

• News photo of Chippewa River during lumber days with handwritten note

• Large photos of lumber era people

• “New Times and Old in Wisconsin” excerpt from Highways and Byways of the Mississippi Valley

• Draft of historical account of area lumbering

• Copy of online page on Beef Slough

• Copy of Legends & Lore excerpt about lumbering

Log Cabin Doll House

• Text panels for the log cabin display

Logue, Mary

• 2008 news article about the author who has home in Stockholm


• News article about WWII vet and radar operator, Sidney Lunderville


• 2003 letter from University of St. Thomas about existence of Luxembourg immigration in Pepin County

• Luxembourg-American Resource Project Survey forms, 2003

• Handwritten notes on Luxembourger immigration in Pepin County by Madeleine Lieffring


• Folder with materials from play about the hanging

• “The Day They Hanged Ed Williams,” from Real West Magazine, 197

• Copy of They Died At Their Posts

• Vern Elefson’s short paper, “On the Lynching of Ed Maxwell,” which makes the case for the innocence of the Maxwells

• Copy of Legends & Lore section on the hanging

• “Durand Lynch Tree” article, 1996

• Text panels for the old ball and chain and rifle exhibits. Note in folder indicates it was NOT Ed’s rifle

• News articles on the hanging

• Jessie Brantner’s senior thesis paper on the hanging, 2002

• Letter from Don Harman to Vera Slabey about the revisions she suggested for his “Last Lynching in Wisconsin” book, 2003

• Transcript of correspondences of A.W. Hammond about the Maxwells, July 1881

• Poem: “The Devil turned loose in a One Horse Village”