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• Map of area with a separate inset with Dakota names of area places

Dead Lake

• “History of Dead Lake Prairie” by Floyd Holden

• “History of Dead Lake Prairie Flag” by Mrs. Walter Bowman

• Stories from Jake McCourtie, moved to Dead Lake Prairie in the 1850s

• Courier-Wedge article on history of Dead Lake Prairie, 1942

• Poem: “A Dead Lake Memory” by Evelyn Holmstadt

Deer Island

• “The Story of Deer Island,” which is located on the Wisconsin side of Lake Pepin

Dept. of Natural Resources

• Memo from the DNR about the creation of the Lower Chippewa River State Natural Area, 2000

• Herd Treatment Record for swab testing on cows

• Article about plaque dedicated to Leonard Seyberth at the Tiffany Wildlife Area, 2003


• “The Depot” – a brochure about the history of the depot, 1977

• 1996 and 1997 letters from Richard Slabey to NSP about possibly taking over lease of the depot, contingent upon maintaining it.

• Columns newsletter updates on the depot, 1997

• Letters from Russ Feingold to Mayor Bauer offering his help in negotiating a resolution to the depot situation, 2001

• Letter from Xcel Energy explaining no new developments, 2001

• Letter to and response from Ron Kind about the depot, 2001

• Letter from State Senator Rodney Moen to Richard Slabey about the depot, 2001

• 2002 letter from Richard Slabey to Mayor Bauer expressing support for efforts to save the depot

• Article on the approval of Jean Accola’s gallery at the depot, 1994

• Copy of “Save the Depot” petition with signatures

• Letter from Bernard Milliren, Pepin County Board Chairman to NSP, expressing concern over proposed building of new railroad tracks in downtown Durand

• 1989 letter from the Slabey’s to city clerk explaining their objections to NSP building a railroad corridor

• 1989 letter from Judge Riedner to Railroad Corridor Study Committee stating that the railroad corridor is concerning to PCHS

• 1989 letter from Vera Slabey to Railroad Corridor Study Committee expressing concerns about railroad corridor

• Letters from Vera Slabey and Judge Riedner to NSP

• Letter from NSP to Vera explaining an attached brochure about the proposed railroad corridor

• Postcards of Durand and Bloomer depots with accompanying letters

• 1996 letter from NSP rep to Richard Slabey stating that NSP would donate depot to PCHS provided it removed and relocated the depot

• Letter from Richard Slabey to NSP expressing frustration over NSP rep’s neglecting to consider the second option of repairing and maintaining the depot

• Letters from Richard and Vera Slabey to John Noer of the UWEC Foundation, exploring options for the depot

• Letter from Richard Slabey to Vice President of NSP imploring NSP to consider second option for the depot

• Letter from Henry Beck to NSP talking about the history of the railroad in Durand and offering help in preserving the depot

• Letter from Richard Slabey to NSP thanking it for paying for a new roof on the depot, 1997.

• Letter from NSP vice president to the Slabeys explaining why it was insisting on the removal of the depot to allow for a corridor in Durand

• Article in Wisconsin Then and Now about depots in Wisconsin with history and photo of Durand depot

• News photo of passenger train at depot.


• Various news articles about floods and tornadoes in Pepin County over the years

District Attorney

• Campaign card for C.M. Hilliard for DA of Pepin County, “Who stands for Law and Order and the 18th and 19th Amendments”

• List of Pepin County DAs over the years

Dorwin’s Tunnel and Mill

• Article on the 1903 flood that destroyed the dam on Bear Creek

• Two typed historical accounts of the mill and the Dorwin family.

• News article from 1980 pushing for mill as historic site

• Copies of photos of themill from late 1800s

• Obituary for Vera Hawke, who painted the Dowrin’s Mill painting in the museum

• 1883 Courier article on Capt.Vivus Dorwin, who built the mill

• Copy of chapter from “Parish of the Assumption” about Dorwin’s Mill

Doughty, Alice

• History of the Doughty and Coleman families, by Jessie Clapp

Doughty, Dan

• Articles on Doughty, who was a POW in Vietnam

• Articles on the Doughty 500, T-Bird rally in Durand

Doughty, Elizabeth

• Photos and information on the gravestone of Doughty, buried in Maxville

Doughty, Henry

• Profiles of Doughty, one of the early settlers of the area, who served in the Civil War

Dreier, Thomas

• Memorabilia, articles and letters involving Dreier, a writer/editor, born in Durand in 1884 who lived in New Hampshire and then Florida. Billed himself as a “philosopher.”

• Photos of Dreier and his New Hampshire home

• Honorary doctorates awarded to Dreier by Florida Presbyterian College, 1972

Dresden, William

• Obituary for Dresden, who was a contractor who lived at the former Shirley Tarrant house in Durand with his wife, the former Frances Hartung

• Family photos

• Letter from Dresden’s daughter, Catherine McCann, explaining her dad’s life

Dunn County – Menomonie

• Memorabilia, articles, letters related to Dunn County history and the Dunn County Historical Society

Dupey-Mason Letters

• Correspondences from Jenny Dupey and Leo Mason to various individuals

Durand Auditoriums

• News photo of the old auditorium

• Program for play “Sylvia” in 1913

• Copy of Wedge article containing blurb about the building of the auditorium

Durand Brewing Company

• News photo of the brewery from 1915

• Brief history of the brewery, taken from a larger book

Durand Businesses

• Memorabilia and articles about various businesses

Durand Centennial

• Memorabilia and articles about the Durand Centennial celebration, 1956

Durand City/Commercial Club

• News articles on Durand’s government and civic leaders over the years

• 1988/89 letters regarding efforts to revitalize the downtown

• List of Durand mayors and city council members through the years

• 1960s city brochure

• 1999 Durand house-buying brochure

• Copies of letters dealing with establishment of preservation commission and zoning in Durand

• Wisconsin Magazine with feature on Durand, 1988

Durand City Map

• Copy of 1931 Sanborn map of the city Durand Class of 1912

• Class photo with handwritten caption

• Commencement program

• Copy of 1896 plat map of Durand

• 1965 city map

Durand Co-op

• 1994 articles on 75th anniversary of Durand Co-op

• Wisconsin Review magazine devoted to profile of Durand – its businesses, churches, schools

• Portfolio with info on Durand Co-op on its 75th anniversary, 1994

Durand Dazzle Parade

• News articles on Durand’s Dazzle and “Holidazzle” celebrations, 2007-2012

Durand Federal

• 1978 Year-End brochure report

• “You’re Invited” newspaper pullout for open house, 1979

• Invitation to 1979 open house

• Letter to Ben Franklin store owner from bank president

• News articles

• Letter from bank president about computer conversion, 1983

• Letter from Vera Slabey to the bank offering use of organ

• Coloring book

• Copy of photo and note about a “jail and bail” 1998

Durand Ferry

• Badge of Charles Porter Crosby, Durand ferrymaster

Durand Fires

• Copy of December 1881 article about Durand downtown fire

• Articles about the 2010 fire

Durand Fire Dept.

• Fire dept. Patch

• Copy of news articles and photos of Durand Fire Dept

• Manuscript – “Durand Rural Fire Department Inc.” by Norman Smith with history from 1951 – 1981

• Firemen’s Ball poster

• Durand Fire Dept. Annual Masquerade Ball invitations

• Signs and photo from Fire Dept. exhibition museum

• Copy of photo of volunteer fire dept from late 19th/early 20th century

Durand Flood of 1967

• News article and photos of the flood, 1967

Durand Golf Club

• Account ledger for Ladies Golf Club Auxiliary – 1940s through 1970s

• Guest books for Ladies Golf Club Auxiliary

DHS/Durand Schools

• “Education in Durand” short history

• Durand School Swimming Pool pass

• DHS calling cards

• Copy of photos of DHS from 1861-1923

• 1987 and 2002 school newsletters

• News articles about DHS

• Arkansaw-Durand school consolidation newsletter, 1991

• 1923, 1924 & 1926 class play programs

• DHS Class of 1924 program cover

• Report card – Wayne Miles – 1926

• Program – DHS vs. Arcadia basketball game, 1950s/1960s

• Graduation invitations – 1992 and 1994

• Junior prom invitation, 1937

• 1940 diploma for Adeline Schober

• 1940 Senior Class portraits collage

• 1941 Senior Class portraits collage

• DHS Class of 1921 invitation

• Programs for 1967 dedication ceremony for Caddie Woodlawn Elementary

• News article on Caddie Woodlawn School, 1967

• Durand school referendum mailer

• Copy of Durand basketball team photo, 1926/27

• Copy of news photo of DHS class of 1894

• Obituary for former Durand Elementary teacher Rolland Schlieve

DHS Cornerstone

• Application materials with the Public Works Administration to build a new grade school, 1938

• Copies of photos of the school

DHS Graduation Programs

• 1890 program for ceremony

• Letter from person in Vermont explaining how it turned up there with Tarrant family connection, 1890

• Programs from 1900, 1903, 1905, 1923,1955, 1975, 1988

• Copy of 1909 senior class list and copy of portraits

• Commencement program, 1955

• Manual of Instruction with graduate lists from Classes of 1885-1904

• “Last Will and Testament” for DHS graduating class, year unknown

• Basketball schedule, 1937/38

• Program from 1915 Annual Banquet of the DHS Alumni Association

• Program for Durand vs. Mondovi boys basketball, 1968

• Program for Durand vs. New Richmond boys basketball, 1972

DHS – 1923 Dedication

• Dedication programs

• Commencement exercises

DHS- Panther Prowl

• 1956 school newsletter

DHS Proms and Dances

• 1957 and 1961 prom programs

DHS – “Purple and White” – 1906

• School newsletters from 1905-1906

DHS Reunions

• 1926, 1930, 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1950; 1953; 1954; 1956; 1955; 1957; 1958; 1960; 1961; 1968 programs

• News articles on reunions

• Article on the 60th anniversary reunion for the Class of 1920

• Photo of the Class of 1920

Durand History

• “City of Durand” manuscript with exhaustive history of Durand by Mary Petersen

• Copy of History of Buffalo and Pepin Counties book chapter on Durand

• Copy from Durand Weekly Times, 1876 about Durand’s history

• 1966 Leader-Telegram article on Durand history

• Copy of Courier article from late 1800s (?) on the construction of a railroad through Durand

• Courier-Wedge Article from 1975 on the history of Durand

• Times-Review article from 1993 on the history of Durand

• Brief historical article and snapshot of life in Durand from Mary Ellen Walters (Brue) from 1957

• Old Courier articles pasted onto portfolio paper about early 20th century Durand history

• 1972 news article photo of late 19th century Durand baseball team

• Reminiscences of Lefty Writes, AKA Marie King, about life in Durand in the 1910s

“Durand Years Ago and As It Is Today”

• Manuscript for a history of notable people and businesses in Durand over the year

Durand Historic Preservation District

• Copy of ordinance to create historic preservation district

• Copies of historic inventories of Durand buildings, 1982

Durand Improvement Group (DIG)

• Articles and memorabilia related to Durand group focused on aesthetic improvements to the city and supporting businesses, which also helped start “Dazzle Days”

Durand People

• Many articles on many Durand residents over the years

Durand Former Residents

• Many news articles on former Durandians

Durand Rod and Gun Club

• Brochure for Wisconsin State Shoot held at Durand,1940

• Durand Gun Club News, May, 1939

• Brochure for registered shoot at the club, 1924

• Copies of Courier articles about the state shoot at the club, 1940

• Pamphlet for state shoots at the club, 1948, 1949

Durand Sesquicentennial

• 2007 calendar with pictures of Pepin County

• Durand Sesquicentennial brochure

• Many news articles on the sesquicentennial

• Two patches for the 2006 Wisconsin sesquicentennial

Durand-Town of

• “Town of Durand” historical manuscript, written in 1974

• Tax roll from undisclosed year, circa turn of the 20th century

Durand vs. Pepin

• History of the dispute over creating Pepin County, with many Pepin residents for and many Durand residents against, 1858

• Copy of 1857 article by Ulysses Shaver, extolling the gifts of “North Pepin” on Lake Pepin in Dunn County, which is what we now call the village of “Pepin”

• Several news articles about the sectional disputes between the different villages of what eventually became Pepin County

Durand Water Tower

• Public notice from city council that includes Vera’s proposal to paint Durand’s water tower lika hot-air balloon

• Children’s drawings of possible water tower designs

Dyer, Wayne B.

• Photos of Dyer

• Short biography of Dyer, who served in the Civil War and moved to Durand afterwards, serving as justice of the peace

• Dyer family tree

• Biographies of the photographer of Dyer, William Bachelder, from Durand in the 1870s-1890s

• News article and photo of Dyer’s headstone