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Kannel, Jean

• Printout of photo and background of Jean’s barn quilt on the Black Kannel Farm

Kiddie and Pet Parade

• Funfest article, 1972

• Letter to “Roundhouse,” Minneapolis TV star, 1972

• Letter back from from Roundhouse

• 1973 Funfest committee reports

• 1973 Funfest plans

• 1971 plans

• 1972 winners list

• 1973 letter to “Sheriff Bob” about his impending appearance at Funfest as one of the grand marshals

• 1973 letter to Larry Heagle about his impending appearance at Funfest as one of the grand marshals

• Roundhouse Rodney publicity photos

• 1967 Kiddie and Pet Parade rules

• Letter from Durand Commercial Club to Funfest Committee members, 1972


• Easter card to Maryjane Kirk, Arkansaw, in 1911

Klatt, Christine

• “Last Raft on Red Cedar River” – Klatt’s memory of riding down the Red Cedar on a raft in 1901

• Klatt’s obituary,1995

• News article about Klatt’s experiences and her participation in 100th anniversary of the Mabel Tainter memorial celebration, 1989, around her 100th birthday

• Letter from Lorraine Brenner to Vera Slabey about meeting a “Mrs.Thatcher” from Shakopee

Klem, Joseph

• Copy of article on Klem’s death in house fire, 1915

• Copy of Klem’s obituary

• Brief life history by Pat Ulwelling

• Retrospective on Klem’s life from 2009

Klimek, Edmund Msgr

• Wisconsin West magazine with article on Klimek

Knight, Mabel

• Autographed Kapka, 1920

Knight, Miletus

• Copies of photos of Knight

• Copy of obituary

• USGENWEB profile of Knight

• Other online mentions of Knight

• Copy of 1850 and 1880 censuses listing of Knight

• Excerpt from Minutes of West Wisconsin Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1875, mentioning Knight

• Copy of Veteran Service Office listing of Knight as Civil War veteran

• Article about discovery of Knight’s headstone in Twin Cities home

• Email concerning Knight’s headstone

• Envelope with Knight’s handwriting

Knight, Oscar

• Copy of a poem about the turkey

• Apparent diary entries

Knights of Columbus

• Programs for 1929 and 1937 Durand K of C meeting

• Copy of K of C 1891 organizational

• Copy of handwritten notes from Durand K of C meetings, 1891

Kruger, Les

• Photos of Kruger

• Note from Kruger to Terry Mesch about invoice records for WHS

• Accession form for Kruger’s Brothers in Blood

Kucko, Donna

• Letter from Kucko explaining the background of the horse hair robe she donated, 2001

• Copy of Kucko’s obituary