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Mace (Pedersen), Florence

• Autographed 1920 Kafka

Maiden Rock

• Copy of “Legend of Maiden Rock” article

• “The Legend of Maiden Rock” by Margaret Persons

• Play script for “Legend of the Maiden Rock”

• Excerpt from Mark Twain’s “Life on the Mississippi” which mentions Maiden Rock

• Printout of Wiki page on Maiden Rock

• “The Winona Legend”

• Text panels

• Photo of the maiden statue

• Email from Terry Mesch

• Dividend check paid to Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Medine of Stockholm by the Bank of Maiden Rock

Maple Ridge School

• Accession form from Connie Harmon for the Maple Ridge replica model

• Handwritten background notes from Harmon

• Copy of photos of Harmon kids

• Copy of history and photos of Maple Ridge

• List of pupils


• Early 1900s hardback map of Wisconsin

• Election wards map of Durand, 1990

• Copy of plat map of Durand, 1896

• Laminated copy of Nicollet’s map

Marycrest Hospital

• News articles and photos of Marycrest with its closing, 1979

Mason, John

• Envelopes and copies of envelopes from John Mason, 1905, 1920

Mason, Marge

• Copy of obituary, local artist


• Correspondence between Donald Harman and Vera Slabey about factual errors in “Durand 1881” booklet

• Copy of Courier-Wedge article and photo of skeleton hanging from a tree next to the courthouse, 1959

• Correspondence from John Hallwas to Terry Mesch and Vera Slabey regarding Hallwass’ research about the Maxwells

• Correspondence between Les Kruger and Terry Mesch regarding Kruger’s research

• True West Magazine with a short section on the hanging in Durand

• Obituary for Douglas Henning, a distant relative of the Maxwells

• “The Day of the Hanging” by Pat Ulwelling, 1999

• Photos of ball and chain, rifle allegedly connected to Ed that were on display at the museum in the past

• Article about the owner of the rifle displayed at the museum that allegedly belonged to Ed

• Copies of news articles about injuries sustained by Lon Maxwell and Milton Coleman to their feet in separate ax accidents

• Copy of letter from Lon to the minister who married he and Fannie, 1881

• Copy of August Ender’s “A Short Narrative of the Notorious Williams Brothers” 1937

• Handwritten notes about Ed’s court appearance

• Frank Smoot column about the hanging, 2011

• Copies of Courier articles about the Maxwells, 1881

• Photos of Lon and Miletus Knight

• Copy of “The Spectacular Career of Ed and Lon Maxwell, Alias Williams Brothers” by A.F. Ender

• Copy of Spring Valley Sun article about Lon’s possible fate

• “Murder, Murder, Public Murder!” – partial script for a play about the hanging, author unknown

• Typed and handwritten transcripts of search warrant and a subpoena for William Thompson and wife, Waterville, where it was believed a stolen horse and buggy were located – June, 1881

• Copy of a sarcastic mention of Lon’s fondness for hemp in the Eau Claire Press,1882

• Copy of 182 letter to the editor pointing out that an alleged picture of Ed and Lon going over Chippewa Falls with pursuants on the banks was a fake picture.

• Copy of inquest of Ed’s body certification

• Nov. 18, 1881 Courier article about the identification of Ed

• Manuscript for “They Died At Their Posts”

• Note from a circuit court judge that Ed was not the last lynching in Wisconsin and the last one was in Vernon County in 1888

• Copy of appointment of William Plummer as Clerk of Court

• Copy of Courier article about Miletus Knight going to Waupun to see a possible collaborator – John Walker – with the Maxwells in their robberies

• Modern news articles about the hanging

• Two copies of “The Day They Hanged Ed Williams,” from Real West Magazine, 1991

• 1936 article about nephew of Miletus Knight, Charles Knight, who claimed to have part of the rope and recalled other details.

• 1959 article mentioning hanging tree

• 1965 article about 90 year-old Amelia Gillmore and her recollections of hanging, fire of 1881, Carnegie library and Durand businesses

• Nov. 24, 1881 Waukesha Freeman article mentioning the jury concluding that Ed died of broken neck descending the steps

• Arrest warrant for the Maxwell brothers

• “Tally Dorchester on the Coleman Shooting,” which provides an eyewitness account

• Dunn County News account of the lynching, Nov. 26, 1881

• Leader-Telegram article on the manhunt for the Maxwells

McCain, John

• Copy of short biographies of McCain, the first white settler of Pepin, in 1845

• Copy of McCain’s obituary

• Copy of photo of McCain

McCaskey System

• Background information on the adding machine in the Railroad Room


• Obituary for an early Arkansaw resident who taught at Dead Lake Prairie and lived in the Arkansaw area the rest of her life

McGarty, Bernard

• La Crosse priest who gave a talk for PCHS about Fr. Louis Hennepin’s travels

• Typed remarks of McGarty to PCHS

• Brochure for Election of a Pope gathering at Viterbo, 2013

McGuine, John

• McGuine’s certificates of stock in 1st Natl. Bank of Durand and Durand Co-op, 1920s-1940s


• Copy of article about long-time Durand doctor, J.J. Scott, 1953

• Assorted articles on area doctors and hospitals/clinics

• Brochures from Prairie du Chien medical museum, medical uniform store

• Worker’s Compensation Panel with list of doctors and insurance companies, 1964-66

Mehring Milker

• Photos of the exhibit at a 2010 Technology Days event in Pierce County

• Copy of patent for the Mehring

• Design plans for the Mehring

• Duplicate exhibit text panels

• Copies of online articles about the Mehring machine with quotes from Mehring and others

• Text for a sales circular for the Mehring

• News articles about the Mehring

• News photo of the Mehring milker

Melish, John

• Copy of formslisting Melish’s marriage date and maiden name of wife and date of death

Memorial Day

• Programs for the 1999 and 2004 functions

• Assorted articles on Memorial Day recognitions

Memorials- City/County

• News article on bench in Memorial Park dedicated to Helen Plummer


• New short and photo of Jackson’ Garage, a service station in Meridean, along with a pump from the station, which was donated to a historical society in Minnesota

Mesch, Terry

• News article and photo of Terry and Lori as 2017 grand marshals of Funfest

• News articles and photos of Terry receiving awards for recycling programs, 1993, 1994


• Text panel for Meyer and his paintings

Miles, Eva

• Golden anniversary notice from newspaper with husband Palmer, 1977

• Letters to and from Eva

Miles, Henry Albert

• Biography of Miles, who was general manager of Durand Light & Power Co.

• Annual tax receipts for Miles and Durand Light & Power, 1923-1930

• Handwritten securities totals

• 1920 proposed rules for electric rural extensions, before the Railroad Commission of WI

Miller, Guy

• Copy of Miller’s obituary

• Family biography of Miller, a Durand businessman and volunteer firefighter

Mississippi River

• “Reflections on the River” article by Vera Slabey

• Pepin County profile and letter related to Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission

• Stories of the Wisconsin Great River Road brochures with quote from Terry Mesch

• “The West Coast of Wisconsin” tourism brochure

• Mississippi Valley Tours brochure

• Various articles about the river

Molinaro, Rev. Matthew

• Funeral program, 2005

• Short written biography of Molinaro

Morey, Dane

• 2005 photos of Morey in the courtroom

Mosquito Fest – Ella

• News article and photos from 1992 that includes photo of mosquito statue

Murphy, Helen – Public health nurse, 1943-1956

• Letter with a bit of history of her time as nurse, plus a diagram of which county officers were located in which rooms in the courthouse


• Brochures and articles from and about other museums

Music in the Park

• News articles related to 2010 event

Musicians (Area)

• News article on Ray’s Concertina Band, 2012

• 1993 article about Ingwald Paulson of the Reinhardt Band

• 1989 article about the Lieffring Band

• 1950 letter from Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America to Arnold Stori, who wanted a chapter in Durand

• Program for 1898 concert in Arkansaw at Red Hall

• 1982 State Music Conference brochure

• Various articles about other area musicians

• Copy of article about 1950s dance halls that mentions Club 10, Koller’s Pavillion and Kirk’s Pavillion, with information about Elliot Walters of the Lieffring Trio.

• Drawing of minstrel on Elliot Walter’s drum.

• Copy of news photo of Elliot Walters and the Burn ‘Em Down Band, 1925.