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Eau Claire/Chippewa Valley

• Architectural Styles of Historic Properties in Eau Claire poster

• Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley historical facts sheets

Eau Galle

• Program from dedication of the Eau Galle dam, 1968

• Press release from relocation of Eau Galle truss bridge, 1996

• News photo of Eau Galle Methodist Church Ladies Aid of 1915

• Copy from History of Dunn County book about Eau Galle

• News photo of old Eau Galle mill

• Various news articles about Eau Galle

Eau Galle Cheese

• “The History of Eau Galle Cheese”, by Carol Buhlman

• Cork token: Simpsons Pasteurized Milk

Egan Family History

• Family photos

• “The Michael Egan Family’ manuscript

• 1874 naturalization certificate for Thomas Egan

• Copy of land certificate, possibly for Maxville farm

• Copy of family tree

• Funeral paperwork for Michael Egan, 1962

• Letter from Kenneth Anderson to Mercedes Bauer about the Egan family, 1985

• Obituary for Edward Egan

• Letter from Sherry Delico to Mercedes Bauer about the family

• Family tree of Thomas Egan

• Letter from pastor of Church of the Assumption informing reader that Michael Egan was buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in 1867

• Funeral programs for several family members

• Assorted obituary notices

• Land deed for Thomas and Egan, 1916

• Handwritten census information for the Egan family

Eldridge, J.D.

• Copy of obituary of Stockholm resident and superintendent for the Methodist church


• News snippet on Ella’s centennial, 1977

• News photo of the Ecklor House on Dead Lake

• News article on Mosquito Fest at Shoo Fly boat landing

• Copy of article about the murder of Ira Wheeler, who was murdered and whose body was thrown in the Chippewa River

Ender, A.F.

• Certificate of membership in Professional Journalistic Fraternity for August Ender, 1957

• Graduation program for La Crosse County School of Agriculture, 1917

• School program for Nelson School, 1896-97

• Milwaukee Journal about Ender and his time as editor at Rice Lake Chronotype

• Article about Ender which mentions that he returned to Durand and bought the Courier


• Short bio of Bill Ender, son of August, who followed his father into the newspaper business

• Photo of Ender

• Postcard

Engeldinger, John

• Emerson Farm Implements card

Entering Wedge

• Copy of first pages of first issue, 1903

• Actual copy of Dec. 31, 1903 issue

Erickson, Charles

• Copy of letter from Gen. Douglas MacArthur to Erickson

“Everybody’s Business” 1994 Exhibit

• Copy of ad for The People’s Store, W.H. Biles, proprietor

• Durand Drug Co. account slip

• Copy of John Black business card

• Flyer for “Everybody’s Business” exhibit to Durand businesses

• 1917 Durand Business Index

• Brenner’s Clothing Store customer list

• News photo of Bank of Durand, circa 1910

• 1994 Business Survey of Durand

Extension Homemakers

• List of Valley-Hi Extension Homemakers Club leaders

• List of extension homemakers through the years

• News articles on the club

• 1963 Family Survival Plan handbook

• 1960 Homemaker Council list